What is a female misogynist?

One of the male chauvinist bloggers I have been following and learning from for some while, the Counter-Feminist, has just left me a flattering comment, which of course made my day. He mused that it was ironic that I, a woman, have a lower opinion of women than he does.

The irony has certainly occurred to me before, but it is far from unique. Florence King is also a female misogynist. Her most recent book cites the habit of female Congresspersons of taking their babies and toddlers to work with them (no, I am not making this up), and reveals that Dashiel Hammett actually wrote the works allegedly written by Lillian Hellman. (All of this comes with citations, but as I don’t own a copy, I can’t provide them offhand.)

Miss King defines it thus: A female misogynist is an exceptionally independent, self-confident woman who starts out assuming that other women are just like her and gets dismayed and impatient when they aren’t. If you follow the link, she provides quotations from many of history’s great women pouring scorn upon ordinary women.

The difference between me and women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Simone de Beauvoir is that I recognize the great value to society of normal women. For most of history, all women, including the handful of geniuses, were forced into the role of ordinary women. Nowadays, ordinary women are driven out of the home, where they could be happy and make a valuable contribution to society, and expected to live the demanding lives that only a few dozen women per century find congenial.

Had I lived in a saner era – any other era in history, really – I would still be a male chauvinist, but I would not be a misogynist. I would not have had havoc wreaked on my life by women bereft of the support of male authority helping them to behave morally. I would not have to watch as women gleefully destroyed civilization before my eyes. Nor would I be constantly plagued by hearing women repeat the feminist nonsense they’ve gotten from magazines or from their professors, having no understanding of the tremendous harm these notions of theirs are doing. In short, women of sane eras do not deserve to be hated, though they remain inferior to men.

In patriarchal eras, women are useful members of society and deserve considerable admiration. In feminist eras, all women can do is destroy, and they deserve only distrust.


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