"But men are still in chaaaaaarge!"

You hear some variation on that whenever a feminist discovers, to her horror, that there really are people out there who dispute feminism, not just the straw male chauvinists they usually complain about.

They ignore the facts about alimony, divorce settlements, wife-initiated divorces, and default mother custody. And sexual harassment lawsuits. And affirmative action type laws and lawsuits forcing employers to hire women despite lesser ability and higher absenteeism and maternity leave, etc. etc.

What they zero in on is this: Most of the CEOs, elected officials, judges, professionals such as doctors and lawyers, and clergymen are still MEN.

This is true. It’s because these professions require a highly competitive spirit that few women have, and a lot of sacrifices that few women are willing to make. Many women, for example, go through medical or law school and only practice their professions for a few years, or part time; there are more women with the mental ability to pass the exams than there are women with the temperament to work hard at the profession. Women slightly outnumber men, so if women really wanted women in public office more of them would be there, but that’s not how we’re voting. Feminists will come up with all sorts of excuses, like my feminist aunt explaining why she’s voting for Obama after years as a Hilary fan, claiming that this particular man is better qualified than this particular woman, but it happens so consistently that I think they’re lying to themselves. As for the clergy, most congregations don’t want to be led by women. No matter what people might say, instinctively they do not wish to be led by women.

So how did feminism gain so much power in a society which is still ultimately dominated by men?

Three things have given women as a group, as opposed to some individual women in high office or running corporations, a great deal of leverage in society. One is the vote, one is the way the Sexual Revolution (which decreased men’s motivation to get married) and the higher taxes caused by the welfare state have conscripted women into the work force, and the third is alimony.

The first has meant that men who want to get elected have to pander to women. They have to promise maternity leave laws, legal abortion, or whatever destructive thing women have taken it into their heads to want. (Well, what the power brokers behind the scenes have told women to want.) Republicans have lost a lot of elections because they’re still too sane and moral to do this really effectively, though you notice they haven’t dared to overturn default mother custody, Roe vs. Wade, or any of the other insane measures feminists have demanded.

The rise in working women and the widespread easy divorce with alimony has given women as a mass a lot of financial power. There aren’t many women on Wall Street or anything, but there are a lot of women buying stuff. Men may still be the CEOs, but to make that buck they have to provide stupid anti-male movies, misandristic commercials, magazines that tell women that nothing is ever their fault, as well as all the piles of clothes and makeup and doodads women buy by the truckload. The diet industry is one of the biggest in the Western world, and of course it’s mostly women who buy the latest fad diet book, aerobics video, or magic pill that will make them skinny. You’d think after a few decades women would start to wise up and realize that obviously most of these don’t work or there wouldn’t be so damn many of them, but we’re talking about women here.

And by the way, as long as I’m on this subject, the main reason for the rise in obesity, diabetes and hypoglycemia, as well as numerous eating disorders, is that women stopped doing one of their most important jobs: cooking. Before Women’s Lib, obesity was rare and disorders like anorexia and bulimia unheard of. In addition, other health problems, including many learning disabilities, are caused by excessive consumption of sugar, corn syrup, and food coloring. Many behavioral problems in children are caused by allergies to some of the chemicals in processed foods. Women who had been told that they should be out “fulfilling themselves” as wage slaves, or who were forced by the changed economy to work outside the home instead of taking care of their families, didn’t have the time or energy to cook. Consequently, fast food and prefabricated food in cans or mixes became a huge part of our diet. These foods are full of chemicals humans were never intended to consume, and are crammed with bad things like trans fats and simple carbohydrates. Traditional women were providing a vital service to society by cooking food instead of toxic chemicals for their families to eat. Now they’re trapped in dead-end drudgery while they and their families slowly poison themselves.

Very few individual women have very much power after four decades of feminism, but women as a mass have a dangerous amount of power. And that power is not being used for good.


3 Responses to “"But men are still in chaaaaaarge!"”

  1. karen Says:

    Woman are also to blame for global warming. Think of all the woman commuting to their jobs and burning fossil fuel instead of staying at home where they belong.

  2. Bryce Says:

    I think you would find interest in this site and it's message, if you haven't come across it already. Similar ideas are out there, but this one stuck with me.


  3. Phoenix Says:

    Karen, feminists may not have given us global warming but they have given us the global warming myth, which economically, i.e. cap and trade, looks to be every bit as damaging to our long term properity. (I say that because while they are different issues on the surface, the same lefties that support feminism will tend to support the global warming myth). Or are their arch feminists out there convinced like I am that global warming is asll a con?

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