The inversion of cultural flow

Did you ever look through an illustrated book of the history of art, movies, fashion, advertisements? If so, you must have noticed how in the 1960’s everything suddenly became hideously ugly. Artists stopped learning how to draw. Clothes became undignified and degrading. This worship of ugliness is absolutely unprecedented in human history. What happened?

Two things.

The first was cultural marxism, something many of you in the MRA blogosphere are already familiar with. In the early 20th century, realizing that they weren’t going to succeed in establishing world communism by revolution, Marxists turned instead to undermining our culture and infiltrating such institutions as school and the media, in order to get the job done in a more roundabout way.

Rob Fedders of No Ma’am has discussed the cultural marxism-feminism connection at length, and his sidebars have many links about it. There’s a very good article here that discusses how Marxists preyed upon genuinely oppressed groups and women, who are suggestible and can be convinced that they are being oppressed: “…the working class would not lead a Marxist revolution, because it was becoming part of the middle class, the hated bourgeoisie. Who would? In the 1950s, Marcuse answered the question: a coalition of blacks, students, feminist women and homosexuals.” Homosexuality is not, in fact, a political issue. Throughout the centuries that it was officially verboten, people nonetheless didn’t really care so long as their children produced heirs, because there wasn’t a dangerous political faction exploiting homosexuals for its own ends. We queers ought to avoid the Left like the plague. The Left doesn’t give a damn about us, it’s using us in the process of destroying civilization.

On a different level, in the 1930s members of CPUSA (the Communist Party of the USA) got instructions from Moscow to promote non-representational art so that the US’s public spaces would become arid and ugly.

Americans hearing that last one tend to laugh. But the Soviets, following the lead of Marxist theoreticians like Antonio Gramsci, took very seriously the idea that by blighting the U.S.’s intellectual and esthetic life, they could sap Americans’ will to resist Communist ideology and an eventual Communist takeover. The explicit goal was to erode the confidence of America’s ruling class and create an ideological vacuum to be filled by Marxism-Leninism.

Source: “>Gramscian Damage

The other source of the problem is feminism. This is touched on by the great Daniel Amneus in his The Garbage Generation: “the inversion of ‘cultural flow’ (in dress, hair style, music, ideas, language), formerly from the higher ranks of society to the lower, now from the lower to the higher”. This inversion is something that concerns me greatly, and since reading this book I’ve started to see it as a side effect of feminism: women realize, at some level, that few of them are going to equal male achievements, which is why it has become necessary to deface the very concept of achievement; and that recognizing legitimate authority has become “uncool” because legitimate authority goes against the anarchy upon which savage women and feminists thrive.


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