They talk like this is a surprise.

Female chimpanzees ‘sell’ sex for fruit

Female chimpanzees are “selling” sex to the males that gather the most fruit, according to new research.

Behavioural psychologists found that female chimps mate with the males that give them the most fruit, while male chimps steal “desirable” fruits such as papaya from farms and orchards in a bid to woo potential mates.

Oranges, pineapples and maize are among the most sought after crops, with bananas proving far less popular.

The scientists also discovered that the chimp that gathered the most fruit in the “food-for-sex” trade received more grooming from females than the group’s alpha male….

Male chimps were also said to be most likely to give food to a female that took part in the most “consortships”, where an adult female and male move to the edge of the community where the male enjoys exclusive mating access.


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