Feminism and the extension of childhood

Over the past century, childhood has been artificially lengthened, as has the artificial invention known as “adolescence”, to the great detriment of young people and society in general. When adults have been forced to pretend to be children, and denied any responsibility, until years after the age at which they should have been marrying, having children, and doing jobs, can they ever attain maturity? Certainly it will be arrested, and those who insist on maturing normally as our genes require, in their teens, are trapped in an intolerable situation.

Certainly those scoundrels who would like to create a single world dictatorship are happy to extend childhood. Children are a lot easier to control than adults; give them enough candy and cartoons, and most of them won’t even notice what you’re doing to them.

But this is also another example of how the natural feminine impulses of feminists are useful to aspiring dictators. The nature of reality is such that straight women are always dependent. Despite the propaganda in various movies and TV shows, the reality is that a woman cannot provide for herself while she has prepubscent children. In addition, women do need men to protect them; if not a father or husband, then policemen and soldiers. Women have only invaded the workplace as they have by whining for some men – judges and legislators – to force other men to put up with them. Most of the neurological differences between men and women exist because the survival of a cavewoman depended on getting some caveman to let her depend on him.

So in a sense, straight women are always children. Some of you may have noticed that after menopause, many of them grow up considerably; this is because, without babies or potential babies to provide for, they don’t have as strong a dependence on others. Many women, of course, are so accustomed to the childishness nature requires of them that they never give it up, even when their hormones would allow it.

Because of this, extending childhood seems normal to straight women. Dependence on someone else to provide? Why, that’s normal! What difference does it make whether it’s a husband or a father or the government? Dependence on someone else to come in and make everyone play fair? Why, that’s normal! What difference does it make whether it’s a parent or a teacher or a husband or the court system? Straight women seldom truly grow up, that’s why they see nothing wrong with the laws and social customs we now have that extend childhood well into adulthood.


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