Conservative Essay on Patriarchy

I just read The Natural Family Dimly Seen through Feminist Eyes. It’s a very good essay on the inevitability of male dominance.

The essay made something clear to me I’ve been suspecting. In Daniel Amneus’s excellent The Garbage Generation, he explained that matriarchies – that is, societies in which women are not bound to husbands and children are the mother’s, not the father’s – are found only in primitive tribes, and that no society has become advanced without patriarchy.

I was fascinated by this book because I had never encountered this concept before, that it was the introduction of patriarchy – of a father having a possessive interest in his children – that made civilization possible. Then when I acquired a copy of Manhood Unplugged, I browsed through it and found the same concept.

Amneus had referred to Bachofen as a source. Now this essay refers to at least three nineteenth-century works that also draw on this theory of history. It turns out it was once standard. And how did this change? This essay traces the revisionist feminist historical theory, where patriarchy was where it all went wrong and women became OMG so oppressed, to the usual suspects: Marx and Engels. It has since become accepted gospel.

Also of interest are A Dawsonian View of Patriarchy and The Patriarchal Family in History.


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