The reason for the anti-war movement

I just read a quote from some old novel about how a petty criminal became a moral person after serving in the army during the First World War. The experience taught him the value of courage and sacrifice and so on.

This was quoted on some blog with a bemused comment about the quaint point of view people had back then.

Then it occurred to me the real reason behind the anti-war movement. Anti-war nuts have made it clear that they are indifferent to human suffering and death; they clearly understand that the only way to prevent dictatorships from committing mass murder and torture is to go to war, but they don’t want to do it.

It’s because military service, whether it involves an actual war or not, is an experience that makes men out of boys. And men – real men – are a lethal threat to the totalitarian forces that are promoting feminism, as well as to feminists themselves. A silly woman who has been convinced by her professors that she is the equal of men isn’t going to be able to preserve this delusion when she is faced with men who have risked their lives, put themselves on the line for their comrades, and accepted the responsibility of taking another human life so that others may be spared.

(Women do take human lives, but for their own convenience rather than to save innocent lives, and they get a doctor, usually male, to do the dirty work while they’re unconscious, rather than doing it themselves.)

And real men are not going to turn all their rights, property, and responsibilities over to a government. They know that it’s their place to do things themselves. Only women and manginas will allow themselves to be taken over.

Thus the real motivation behind anti-war movements: it’s a practical way of preventing the male of the species from growing testicles.


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