Lesbians and Feminism

If the measures of feminism could be confined to lesbians, there wouldn’t be a problem. Almost no straight woman really wants to work outside the home, but a lot of lesbians do. Straight women are by definition designed to get men to work for them, which is appropriate in a marriage, but lesbians naturally lack that programming and will actually do their jobs.

Much as I hate to admit it, it was my sort – dykes – who were really responsible for feminism. Most of us genuinely have no comprehension that straight women are fundamentally different from ourselves. Liz Cady Stanton once wrote to her girlfriend and fellow suffragette Susan B. Anthony, “Such pine knots as you and I are no standard for judging ordinary women.”

So a tiny percentage of females, namely lesbians, campaigned to force on all women what is good only for us. Of course a lesbian can’t understand that straight women *want* a husband; we don’t want one, so why should they? Most of us dykes have a large masculine component to our personalities, so naturally we assumed that because we want the same things that men want, like autonomy and a career, of course all women want those things. Never mind that few of them had made the slightest move in that direction, and that nearly all of those who have it now are miserable. The things that make straight women happy and the things that make lesbians happy are completely different.

Artful Dodger, a while back, pointed out another wrinkle that hadn’t occurred to me. Back when open homosexuality was out of the question and women had little choice about getting married, lesbians ended up married to men. A lot of these dykes probably had no idea what their true desires were. What they did know is that they didn’t like heterosexual intercourse and they just didn’t grok the relationship between man and wife. Contrary to what Hollywood tells us, most marriages of yore, including arranged marriages, were happy ones. This is partly because heterosexuals enjoy heterosexual intercourse and committing it is a bonding act. Also, straight women need and enjoy having a man to look after them and guide them; they need male authority in their lives. They might resist it, but that is just to reassure themselves that their husband (or father, or king) is still strong enough to assert himself over her.

(It is also because people did not have excessively romantic expectations of marriage being easy and blissful, and understood that they would have to work to get along with the spouse they were stuck with. They also knew that even if their marriage wasn’t perfect, life had other compensations, such as children, family, religion, etc.)

But a lesbian isn’t wired to respond to male authority, and doesn’t enjoy sex with men. This meant inevitable conflict in the marriage. The husband would wonder why his wife didn’t submit to him as the wives of his friends submitted to them, and why she was always evading sex and showed so little enthusiasm when they actually did it. At best, this would lead to many quarrels; at worst, he might end up beating and raping her. Thus confirming her bad impression of men and marriage.

And by the way, this wouldn’t just have been true of the era of arranged marriages. This could have happened in the first half of the twentieth century too, when women had few career options and societal pressures to marry were enormous, and lesbianism not even presented as an option. Those dykes who didn’t clue in to their own nature would have married for security or in hopes that once they got started, it would work out well; after all, they no doubt knew a lot of women who were happily married.

When it didn’t work out, they concluded that the problem was not that they had unusual needs, which they did, but that all women were as miserable as they were and needed to be “liberated”. Hence, feminism. This is why many of the major feminists have been lesbians.

Genuine lesbians ended up paying a high price for this in the 60’s and 70’s, incidentally. Many of them had been out of the closet in the 50’s, many doing the butch-femme thing, braving the ostracism and harassment they received. Then in the 60’s, some radical feminists decreed that “the only real feminist is a lesbian” and started sleeping with women even though they were straight. (These “lesbian-feminists” always went back to men eventually, often breaking the hearts of their genuine-lesbian girlfriends.) As part of their bullshit political agenda, they all wore hideous clothes, like overalls and construction workers’ boots (women should never, under any circumstances, don the latter), shaving their heads, and all looking as butch as possible. They would inform the genuine lesbians, who’d been out before it was cool, that theirs was the “right way to be a lesbian”. I once read that a lesbian who opened a lesbian bar in the 60’s confided to a rare femme who walked into her place, “I’m glad you’re not a feminist. I hate feminists.” The irony!

Feminism has only benefited two groups: aspiring dictators, who know that women are much easier to manipulate and subdue, and lesbians. One group is evil and will destroy all of the others, the other constitutes maybe 3% of the population. For these two groups, the others have been rendered miserable.


4 Responses to “Lesbians and Feminism”

  1. Mr Zopo Says:

    Feminism has always been linked to lesbianism, in fact, one of them said something about feminism being the theory and lesbianism being the practice.
    Sorry for being off topic, but am I the only one who sees a link between feminism and witchcraft?

  2. Mr Zopo Says:

    Feminism has always been linked to lesbianism, in fact, one of them said something about feminism being the theory and lesbianism being the practice.
    Sorry for being off topic, but am I the only one who sees a link between feminism and witchcraft?

  3. Mr Zopo Says:

    Feminism has always been linked to lesbianism, in fact, one of them said something about feminism being the theory and lesbianism being the practice.
    Sorry for being off topic, but am I the only one who sees a link between feminism and witchcraft?

  4. Leanna Says:

    Uh, witchcraft. Of course, any woman who isn’t enthralled with men must be a witch. It’s too old an idea for me to even get angry about it…

    Anyway, interesting theory. Except it seems to me most women aren’t really into having sex with their husbands, at least at certain points in the marriage and there have been a lot of women who appear to be straight and have successful careers as well as husbands. Can’t ignore that data now can we?

    Anyway, i am going to guess that it’s mostly men who read your blog so I am a little confused as to why you would even write about lesbianism. That’s OUR BUSINESS honey. If a man is physically interested in you and you are not interested in him it doesn’t matter if your a lesbian, a feminist or already married. He will still be angry at you because you aren’t interested in him.

    What I’m saying is, your always spewing all of this anti women stuff on your blog. Sure it angers me, but in the end this is straight womens problem. I know you say you are a lesbian and that’s…horrible in a way…but once again you don’t have to deal with the men you rile up against women. You’re shooting yourself in the foot anyway, but don’t make it worst by discussing lesbianism with a bunch of men. I don’t care how nice they are to you on your blog, how much support and pretend love they push on you, they don’t like you. They don’t really care about you right now, because men chase what they can’t have and most are too busy chasing straight women to waste too much energy on lesbians. If men ever achieve their goals, which is unlikely, even if does happen it won’t for long, and get all straight women “back in the kitchen, birthing babies where they belong”. What do you think will happen to lesbians right after? Now that the stright women are under their thumb the straight women are going to be boring and they’ll start bugging lesbians again.

    Men are LIERS honey, the straight women know this and as a lesbian it’s harder for us to understand because we don’t deal with men, at least not romantically. But your working for their team right now, so of course they’ll pet your head and tell you what a good job your doing. But don’t start to bring lesbianism into this before they get bored of straight women anyway and start bothering the piss out of us. Don’t let their kindess to you make you over confident.

    This is one of those articles that make me think you are a man just trying to push an agenda by claiming to be a lesbian…how do you think any of this is going to work out for you (as a lesbian) just doesn’t add up…

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