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Female newscasters

July 31, 2008

Some of you remember Sir Patrick Moore, the delightful old English astronomer who had the stiff upper lip to point out that women are ruining the BBC.

I just read his autobiography, which had very little male chauvinism but did include this gem:

I am afraid I also raised eyebrows later, in June 2002, in a TV programme called Room 101; you have a large dust bin, where you are asked to dump anything or anybody that you particularly feel should be removed from the scene of the operations….

…I also nominated all female radio news-readers; when you are driving a car, and want to hear what is happening in the latest wars you can’t cope with their piping little voices. I had quite a stack of letters about that one!


Another career woman proves that women shouldn’t have careers

July 31, 2008

Woman BA pilot wins flexible working fight

A British Airways pilot who wanted to work part-time to look after her two young daughters won her three-year campaign against the airline yesterday. Jessica Starmer, 28, from Wareham in Dorset, has been fighting to work part-time since 2004, when the airline refused to let her reduce her hours by 50% to look after her oldest daughter Elizabeth, now three….

…”I hope my case will lead to a change in attitude. There is so much research out there proving that if they are allowed to work flexibly, mothers make committed, dedicated and loyal employees.”

Do they indeed? What, all ten days a month that they work?

Incidentally, it’s not in this particular article, but the airline does allow pilots to work half time… but only after they have 2,000 hours of experience. Before that, they want their pilots to fly regularly so they won’t get out of practice. To keep up to a high skill level, you need to do things frequently. In other words, this tramp is endangering the safety of passengers so that she can play pilot.

There’s a tirade on some MRA website about how terrible female pilots are. I did some research and found out that it was highly exaggerated, but that female pilots are usually allowed licenses with less experience for political reasons, even though this does make them more accident-prone. That in itself is ample reason to refuse to fly on a plane with a female pilot. (I intended to publish a point-by-point rebuttal of the “women shouldn’t fly” thing, but I lost the link that narrowed down the accident rate to being caused by the lesser experience female pilots are allowed to get away with. At some point I’ll try again to dig it up. Not that I’m any less male chauvinist than I was before, but it’s important for those of us with unpopular beliefs to have our facts straight.)

Even without any inherent lack of ability for flying planes, I’d say that no one in his right mind would stay on a plane with a female pilot.

What happens to a male feminist who teaches a "Men’s Lives" course.

July 29, 2008

Lynched by the Sisterhood

Students warned me about agents provocateurs incited by teachers to disrupt my classes. One accused me of being paid by Playboy magazine (I wish) and my answering machine recorded anonymous accusations of sexual abuse and death threats. One night the Chair of Women’s Studies vandalized my bulletin board, in front of a surveillance camera! On the front page of the Montreal Gazette, she and my department chair defended her bullying. I requested management to terminate her supervision over my courses. A year later, she ordered that my course outline exclude the term “anti-male hysteria.” Management suspended me from teaching until I removed the politically-incorrect insight. I appealed and lost.

Career women make lousy wives.

July 29, 2008

Women M.B.A.s More Likely To Divorce Than Men

Women with M.B.A.s are twice as likely to get divorced or separated as their male counterparts. The picture isn’t much rosier for women with law or medical degrees.

I don’t object to women being golddiggers.

July 29, 2008

I just wish they were more honest about it. Time was, women didn’t pretend they wanted to earn their own money and didn’t want to marry a wealthy man.

It’s proper for men to be the breadwinners and women to depend upon them, but society is no longer structured to compensate men for their hard work.

Family secrets: I wish I had married for money, not love

I feel resentful, especially as it’s the men who bring in the money; and even if Bill were a head teacher, he wouldn’t come close. When out with the girls I hear Susan moan about John’s business trips and I have to pinch myself to keep from shouting that his £250,000 salary must make up for some of his absences. Or Trisha: she inherited a house from her parents, which means that though her husband is on a normal salary, she needn’t work, and spends her time at the gym. Bill tells our girls that they can achieve anything and I agree, but when they start dating, I’ll try to guide them (behind his back) towards men who can give them the sort of life I’ve never had. Feminism’s fine, but there’s a lot to be said for having your bills paid.

The New Double Standard

July 29, 2008

Go soft on killer wives: Women who kill in cold blood could escape murder charge

More male partners will be convicted of murder after law reform

Women’s Ordination

July 28, 2008

Dying Church of England Now Ordaining More Women Than Men
“What is left in this nation is a spiritual vacuum” says critic

The Daily Telegraph reports Sunday attendance in the feminized, mostly ultra liberal Church dipped for the first time below one million out of a total population of almost 51 million. The slight drop in attendance follows two years in which numbers increased or remained steady. About 1.7 million people attend a Church of England church each month, while around 1.2 million attend services each week, and just under one million each Sunday.

Acceptance of women into the priesthood, which The General Synod approved in 1992, has not halted the decline in Church membership and has likely accelerated the trend. The move has been identified by many as a break with the historic stream of Christianity as significant as the separation of the English Church from its Catholic origins.

Women Usurping Authority

This is where such things as the WELS feminist creed and hymnal are going.

All right, I’m convinced: Women’s ordination is a very bad idea.

Battered Men

July 26, 2008

Research is Good, Public Policy Change is Better

She’s discussing a book about domestic abuse:

The book Violent Partners: A Breakthrough Plan for Ending the Cycle of Abuse was written by lawyer and social worker, Linda Mills, who holds the controversial view that women can often be as violent as men. In an interview, Mills states:

Over 200 studies of violent relationships have confirmed a pattern: Of relationships that are violent, one quarter of the violent incidents are initiated by women and one-quarter are initiated by men. What may be most surprising, however, is that 50 percent of the cases involve men and women who are inititating violence against each other–there is a back and forth.

Be sure to read Kevin M’s comment.

Feminism vs. Science

July 22, 2008

Is Science Sexist? By Nicholas Stix

This post deals with the Larry Summers outrage and similar feminist attacks on the truth. I haven’t read much of this blog, but it might be worth further reading.

July 20, 2008


POSITIVE discrimination is the only way to help women achieve success in the workplace, some jumped-up cow said yesterday.

Harriet Harman, an over-promoted woman from London, said women still face constant male chauvinism, despite the fact she had obviously not done too badly herself.

She added: “When I applied to be deputy leader of the Labour party, I was not the best qualified candidate. The best qualified candidate was a spoon.

“If it was not for positive discrimination I would not have been able to get above myself in such an extravagant and irresponsible way.”

Under Ms Harman’s proposals women who want to be airline pilots will not have to be able to fly, but will get the job if they are roughly the same height as the male candidates and are able to wear a hat.

Positive discrimination will also be extended to food stuffs and inanimate objects so that if a man is up against a tea cup, the tea cup will be offered the job.

Ms Harman said: “If vegetables can produce, watch and star in Big Brother, there is no reason why a large piece of wood cannot run Vodafone.”

But Bill McKay, deputy director of the CBI, dismissed claims of workplace discrimination, adding: “These days most organisations simply choose whoever is the least biggest arsehole. If only the Labour Party would do the same.”

Harriet Harman is a real person, btw.