Christian Antifeminist Articles

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq., has given me two more links. I warn you that the first is rather anti-Catholic, but otherwise good.


Radicalized women have generally been in the vanguard of any violent revolution. Liberated women who did not scruple to use their bodies to advance their revolutionary cause were used by Adam Weishaupt in the 1780’s, by Walter Reuther in the communist insurrection in Flint, Michigan in the 1930’s, and by Cesar Chavez in the 1960’s. Lenin declared, “The fate of the proletarian movement, the victory or defeat of the proletarian revolution, the victory or defeat of proletarian power depends on whether or not the reserve of women will be for or against the working class” (The Woman Question; International Publishers, p. 44). The French Revolution is a good case in point and “the role played by courtesans in the earlier stages of the Revolution has never been properly estimated by historians; but for the cooperation of these women…it is doubtful whether…the defection of the army could ever have been realized” (Nesta Webster: The French Revolution, p. 52). And speaking of the revolutionary march of the women on Versailles, which nearly ended in the murderous destruction of the entire royal family, she writes, “One would not have supposed writes a revolutionary chronicler of the day ‘that it is to the vilest class of our prostitutes that we owe the happy event…The leaders of the people sent to Versailles three hundred of the prettiest street-walkers…With money, instructions, and the promise of being disemboweled by the people if they did not carry out their mission faithfully” (Ibid, pp. 127-8). But not only were the women indispensable in the revolutionary strategy but they were also the most violent, vicious, depraved and destructive of the revolutionary “cannon fodder” shock troops, as history testifies of the Parisian fishwives of 1789 and the “Vengereuses” of the Paris Commune of 1871.


The Third Blast of the Trumpet


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