It’s true what they say about women.

That women are irrational, that is. Not in all cases – Ayn Rand was a woman.

Of course, a feminist has to be more irrational than a traditional woman, because feminism is in conflict with the facts of reality. Example: a female friend just stopped speaking to me because I think men and women are *gasp* different. And she, by the way, got a very watered down version of what I think. What’s really scary is, she’s in college studying to be a professional scientist. And most of her professors, and her teachers before college, are and were feminists who are teaching her to respect science except when it indicates that there are sex differences.

I was griping about this to other friends, and one of them told me about some shrill feminist who’s on an ml she’s on, who has a tantrum whenever anyone makes any kind of generalization about men and women. Furthermore, she insists… are you sitting down?… that there is no sexual dimorphism in the animal kingdom. There is no difference between lions and lionesses, foxes and vixens, queen and worker ants.

This is all feminism can do: fight, uselessly, against a sternly uncompromising (and therefore masculine) reality.

In other news, I’ve got a couple of links about a British female politicianette who has a pink (in every sense of the word) blog. Labour, naturally. Don’t worry, the links are to a bloke’s blog, a chap who’s been exposing her cowshit:

More McCarthy for your money
Kerry McCarthy: get staffed!

In a nutshell: this politicianette admitted that she didn’t understand the tax laws she herself is voting on. Devil’s Kitchen, a forthright right-winger, suggested that, gee, maybe she should find out, that being her job and all. He went on to suggest snarkily that she should get someone on her very expensive staff to look it up.

She replied with sarcasm about how underpaid and overworked her staff is, and defended having one:

“…would you rather I didn’t employ anyone, didn’t follow up on casework, didn’t have anyone answer the phones or open the door to the hundreds of people who contact me asking me for help or advice each year?”

Someone else replied:

“Philip Hollobone manages it.”

There’s more in the post about Mr. Hollobone’s efficiency; he seems quite an impressive chap, and I wonder if we could borrow him for our Congress for a bit. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Hollobone is a Conservative. I Googled him and found this:

In October 2007, the Sunday Telegraph hailed Philip as the ‘best value’ MP in Parliament. The Sunday Telegraph said: “Philip Hollobone is one MP in no danger of having his snout in the Parliamentary trough. He had the lowest expenses claim of any MP last year while maintaining an attendance record which is well above average.” Since the last election, Philip has the best voting record of any Conservative MP.

[By best voting record, in case it’s not clear, they mean that he was present to vote all the time, not that they liked the way he voted.]

Devil’s Kitchen was attacking this cow for being a hypocritical leftie, not on sexist grounds, but I naturally can’t help but notice that she’s, you know, a woman, and that the MP who they found to be a counterexample was, you know, a man.


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