New Essay

Followed a link in No Ma’am to the very good essay The Feminist Road To Totalitarianism

Modern education, in short, provides a system that seems to favour traditionally female values of restraint over traditionally masculine values of exploration, independence and physical energy. This is indeed ironic, given that one of the purposes of ‘progressive’ education was to break down differences between the sexes, which were thought to be culturally conditioned rather than influenced by biology. Feminists tend strongly to support this education in sentimentality, largely because they believe that it will have an emasculating effect on men. Rewarding passive conformity and imposing pacific values certainly has the effect of alienating large numbers of physically and mentally healthy young men, along with a good number of spirited young women, too. The energies of these young people are, from an early stage, diverted from the pursuit of knowledge and towards less fruitful ways of questioning authority. Young men who lack male mentors and are offered ‘counselling’ in place of more traditional forms of character training will tend to rebel against this tyranny of Compulsory Niceness. With the decline of manufacturing industry and the growing ‘political correctness’ and loss of status of the Armed Forces, they have fewer constructive outlets for their naturally rebellious energy. This vacuum is filled increasingly by bullying, crime, alcoholism and drug abuse. Further education – and academic life in general – becomes attractive to young people whose instinct is to absorb and accept, rather than argue and think.


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