Welfare mothers

Nicholas Stix reviews Making Ends Meet: How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work By Kathryn Edin and Laura Lein

The conflicted authors emphasize mothers’ concern with avoiding criminal activity, despite chronicling their involvement in prostitution, and in contracting with shoplifters to steal clothing for their children.

Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, and the Democrats’ ensuing Northern Strategy’s revolutionary anti-morality put dunce caps on millennia-old moral teachings prohibiting premarital sex. Armies of sexual “educators” and “helping” professionals and their university and media apologists told girls they had a right to “non-marital births,” and demanded that hardworking, married folks support those children. Implicitly re-defining a family as an unwed mother and child(ren), the authors are shocked, shocked, that this results in a poor, unskilled girl raising her fatherless child(ren) in poverty.

(As liberal Democratic historian Fred Siegel (The Future Once Happened Here) has chronicled, the Marxist National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) sought to bankrupt New York City, and precipitate a revolution. From 1966-73, liberal Republican Mayor John V. Lindsay’s social services commissioner, Mitchell “Come and Get It” Ginsberg, more than doubled the welfare rolls, from 538,000 to 1.165 million. At the same time, the NWRO pursued a politics of racial polarization, which it later projected on to Republicans. Instead of a revolution, the NWRO precipitated the moral collapse of urban black society.)

Here’s my modest proposal: as an interim measure before doing away with welfare altogether, welfare mothers should be allowed a stipend, but only on condition that they surrender their children to be adopted by a solvent married couple, and submit to a tubal ligation.


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