Couple of new links

Female liberation frees both sexes from duty

Matrism/Patrism Explained

Such inane acts of violence are predicted by the book “Sex In History”, as an inevitable part of a Matrist community. The author’s 1950s prophecy has come true, however Taylor’s explanation that the killer behaved in this fashion because— “he identified with his mother sexually, and failed to develop a super-ego” —raises more questions than it answers. A more lucid explanation is that the murderer was just indulging his whims, which were totally unfettered by any sense of moral restraint. Indeed he was doing no more than most of his fellow citizens already do—give free reign to their immediate desires regardless of the results. The fact that wanton behaviour does not generally result in the violent deaths of 35 people is incidental; the motives and considerations employed by Bryant were no different in principle from those of the over-whelming majority of our 1996 community.

This website is well worth exploring.


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