I don’t object to women being golddiggers.

I just wish they were more honest about it. Time was, women didn’t pretend they wanted to earn their own money and didn’t want to marry a wealthy man.

It’s proper for men to be the breadwinners and women to depend upon them, but society is no longer structured to compensate men for their hard work.

Family secrets: I wish I had married for money, not love

I feel resentful, especially as it’s the men who bring in the money; and even if Bill were a head teacher, he wouldn’t come close. When out with the girls I hear Susan moan about John’s business trips and I have to pinch myself to keep from shouting that his £250,000 salary must make up for some of his absences. Or Trisha: she inherited a house from her parents, which means that though her husband is on a normal salary, she needn’t work, and spends her time at the gym. Bill tells our girls that they can achieve anything and I agree, but when they start dating, I’ll try to guide them (behind his back) towards men who can give them the sort of life I’ve never had. Feminism’s fine, but there’s a lot to be said for having your bills paid.


One Response to “I don’t object to women being golddiggers.”

  1. Leanna Says:

    I agree with that. The only reason to be with a man is for his money.

    Men are cold, selfish, creatures. Their love is conditional, they are only interested in what you can do for them. If a woman deals with a man she should be conditional too. He should have money, or, he should hit the bricks.

    Women don’t only work for money though, some of us actually love our jobs. But yeah, that doesn’t change anything. Even if you are working you should marry a man that makes as much or more money then you do. Unless you are, Oprah or something. Then you could chase after love…which means you probably will become a lesbian 🙂

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