Another career woman proves that women shouldn’t have careers

Woman BA pilot wins flexible working fight

A British Airways pilot who wanted to work part-time to look after her two young daughters won her three-year campaign against the airline yesterday. Jessica Starmer, 28, from Wareham in Dorset, has been fighting to work part-time since 2004, when the airline refused to let her reduce her hours by 50% to look after her oldest daughter Elizabeth, now three….

…”I hope my case will lead to a change in attitude. There is so much research out there proving that if they are allowed to work flexibly, mothers make committed, dedicated and loyal employees.”

Do they indeed? What, all ten days a month that they work?

Incidentally, it’s not in this particular article, but the airline does allow pilots to work half time… but only after they have 2,000 hours of experience. Before that, they want their pilots to fly regularly so they won’t get out of practice. To keep up to a high skill level, you need to do things frequently. In other words, this tramp is endangering the safety of passengers so that she can play pilot.

There’s a tirade on some MRA website about how terrible female pilots are. I did some research and found out that it was highly exaggerated, but that female pilots are usually allowed licenses with less experience for political reasons, even though this does make them more accident-prone. That in itself is ample reason to refuse to fly on a plane with a female pilot. (I intended to publish a point-by-point rebuttal of the “women shouldn’t fly” thing, but I lost the link that narrowed down the accident rate to being caused by the lesser experience female pilots are allowed to get away with. At some point I’ll try again to dig it up. Not that I’m any less male chauvinist than I was before, but it’s important for those of us with unpopular beliefs to have our facts straight.)

Even without any inherent lack of ability for flying planes, I’d say that no one in his right mind would stay on a plane with a female pilot.


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