Gandhi: A Malign Inspiration to Women

Today I heard somebody talking about Gandhi. Now, don’t misunderstand me: I’m not criticizing him. But I think he’s the source, though in some cases removed a few times, of the prevalent notions women have today that they can end violent behavior through means other than violence.

Before the 20th century, nobody was silly enough to believe that there was any way to stop a tyrant from slaughtering people, Indians from burning widows alive, or little boys from beating up little girls, aside from force.

Nowadays, Western women actually become angry if anyone suggests that female genital mutilation or stoning women for adultery ought to be stopped by force. Gentle pressure and education, they insist, are the only effective means for stopping such things. I’m sure that’s a comfort to the women who are being maimed and murdered while the West stands by gently pressuring their attackers.

A few years back, there was actually an article in Vanity Fair that seriously said that we shouldn’t overthrow dictators by military force because if we don’t, they might stop oppressing and slaughtering on their own. Yeah, that worked real well with Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Saddam… oh wait.

I believe that they have taken the example of Gandhi and turned his actions into a general principle, which they aren’t. His tactics worked because the people he was opposing were the honorable English, who were, generally speaking, too decent to keep on assaulting people who weren’t defending themselves. The strategy relies on the morals of one’s opponent. If one’s opponent does not have morals, IT ISN’T GOING TO WORK. One of those sci-fi writers who writes alternative history novels wrote one about Gandhi using his nonviolent resistance against Nazis. The Nazis shot him. There went his resistance! Indeed, the real Gandhi himself stated that had he been dealing with Nazis instead of Englishmen, his tactics would have been far different.

A lot of the silly women who presume to say that they know how to deal with barbaric behavior don’t know much about Gandhi, but the notion that his tactics are across the boards effective has trickled down. Sort of like how many second-rate fantasy authors have never read the works of Margaret Mead, but nonetheless reproduce her inaccurate account of blissful Samoan promiscuity quite faithfully, having inherited the ideas at a remove of three or four imitative authors.

It’s only to be expected that women will latch on to this tactic. Why? Because it’s one that women are capable of doing. In fact, it’s one they’re better at, since the tactic requires nothing more than passivity, something which comes naturally to women. Force requires muscles, courage, and large guns – not things women are likely to have or be able to acquire.

EDIT: I only have a very general knowledge of Indian history. I think that the women who were inspired by Gandhi’s story probably got it from the hagiographic movie about him, not from the actual historical figure. Comments elucidating the historical facts concerning him are welcome!


6 Responses to “Gandhi: A Malign Inspiration to Women”

  1. hankroberts Says:

    > a science fiction authorHarry Turtledove> wrote an alternate history story "The Last Article"

  2. sd.marshall Says:

    Indians tend to overstate how horrible the British were; Gandhi did indeed make use of their law-abiding decency. In contrast, Adolf Hitler advised Lord Halifax that Britain could restore order by shooting people starting with Gandhi. This advice was not followed.

  3. aalochana Says:

    Nice post. And a much needed one. People seem to have forgotten that we are more of animals than logic-driven-robots. George Orwell was not an admirer of Gandhi's politics. He pondered over the topic of Gandhi's effectiveness against totalitarian regimes, and he seems to have arrived at the same conclusions as yours. He was a Brit and Gandhi's contemporary. So you might get some perspective on Gandhi from his article: Reflections on Gandhi.In particular, you might find the response of Gandhi on the question of 'Hitler vs Jews'. I wonder how many of these modern 'Gandhi'are ready to make the similar suggestions.

  4. dr.alistair Says:

    gandhi did what the english were struggling to do. run the country. he made thier job easier.the english have a habit of delegating duties in the commonwealth…in places like quebec for instance…by allowing them thier language and government..which they chose to do. thought his continues to cause soveriegnty issues to this day…because quebec isn`t a country but a province in a country called canada.and yes, gandhi`s pasifist approach only worked because the english wanted it to work.try that in cambodia or 1939 germany…..

  5. dchandguninfo Says:

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  6. Richard Ford Says:

    It is also interesting that the resistance movement was suspended during the second world war out of fear it would suceed!If Japan had invaded India and Ghandi had disrupted defense efforts he would have been shot. If he had not been shot then the Japanese would have done the same. Much safer to let the Brits do the nasty stuff and ask us to leave when it is finished!

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