Poor women criminals!

Julie Bindel: setting a new low

The Devil here rips apart a whining article by some stupid cow about how hard it is for women getting out of prison. This bimbo saw a play about women getting out of prison, then read a factual article about a man who was acquitted of a crime because he was innocent, compared the fictional criminals with the genuine falsely accused, and made a feminist issue out of it.

She: “… and in many cases have lost their children, housing, and friendship network during their time inside.”

He: “Furthermore, men always get to keep their housing and their friends are always happy to see them. If, of course, men have lost their friend network, the state support are more than happy to whistle up a new one for them.”

Reminds me of a TV movie I watched back in the 80’s about women in prison. The whole tone of the story was, “Boo hoo, life is so HARD for these poor women!” Nowhere was there any acknowledgement that they had, you know, committed crimes.


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