Female Teachers should be sent to the planet Gor

Not long ago I was reading some blog which griped about the way Americans (and Europeans) have essentially been divided into two castes. There’s the lawless caste, which includes but is not limited to Muslims and many NAMs, who aren’t expected to obey any laws and just run around doing whatever they want, including stealing and assaulting, knowing that they probably won’t be arrested and will probably get handled with kid gloves if they do.

Then there’s the law-abiding caste, which of course includes working people, taxpayers, and especially white men. While the lawless caste is committing felonies in broad daylight, the lawful ones are constantly harassed by police for things like taking beers in a cooler to a picnic, throwing away recyclables, etc. (By the way, almost all recycling causes more environmental damage than throwing the stuff away would. The power needed to reconstitute the stuff is more and the waste generated in the process is a less than is needed to produce brand new stuff, and only a tiny fraction of recycled stuff ends up useable.)

The blogger was speculating that the police want to feel like they’re doing something, and they don’t dare arrest a Muslim for attacking people for fear of being called racist, or a black drug dealer because he could resist and the cop get in trouble for using deadly force. Also, if police are seen to be running around pestering people to open their coolers, it gives the foolish the impression that the police are a viable force.

Theodore Dalrymple has discussed similar incidents in England. In one column, he discussed how his wife reported some yoofs who were committing arson. Not only did the police not stop them, they actually scolded his wife for wasting their time. They did, however, find the time to arrest a mildly intoxicated university student who asked a policeman, “Do you know your horse is gay?” for making a homophobic remark. (Elsewhere, I read about a 12-year-old English girl who was arrested because when her teacher put her in a project group with four students from some foreign country, all of whom refused to speak to her in English, she requested to be put in a group with students who were willing to speak a language she understood. She was arrested for racism. And we think that teachers are trustworthy?!)

Whenever I link these things on my personal LJ, most people are really shocked. Especially my liberal friends, though I usually shelter them from such harsh realities (because I don’t want to have to listen to their frantic efforts to deny what’s right in front of them). I’m never even slightly shocked. I went to school.

The lowest type of female dominates the teaching profession and has since at least 1970. Before that, allowing women to teach children wasn’t very harmful, because parents demanded that teachers be respectable Christian women. That is to say, women with a strongly ingrained motivation to resist their natural inclinations. (Libertarian Lesbians would also be trustworthy around children, having no left-wing brainwashing and lacking the natural female impulse to defer to anything with a penis even if it’s six years old.)

Nowadays the profession is overrun with godless Democrat females, who have deliberately shed all the training which could have made them into something resembling responsible adults. They have no defense, nor do they want any, from their inherent biological urge to respond to rampaging males by tending and befriending them. Furthermore, as some of the links in my sidebar will attest, the majority of them are pedophiles as well. I’m sure that my teachers would have liked to have sex with their prepubescent male students, but back then they didn’t quite dare to. Mary Kay Letourneau broke that three-minute mile, and now female teachers feel free to treat their classrooms as their personal harems. Of course they won’t give boys the authority that boys need to grow up to be men; they’d blow their chances of getting laid.

To put it bluntly, female teachers do nothing about the rampant violence in classrooms because it makes them horny. Being godless pinkos, they can imagine no authority higher than the urges between their legs. When three or four boys beat up a little girl or a smaller boy, they consult the moral compass between their legs, notice that their moral compass is wet, and proceed to giggle girlishly while the boys beat their chosen victim to a pulp. Then when they see a girl or a smaller boy doing something like, oh, glancing out the window for half a second during a lecture, or bending over to pick up their eraser, again they consult their moral compass. Their moral compass isn’t getting wet! That means the child must be being bad! Assault is perfectly acceptable behavior, but glancing out the window is evil and must be rooted out! They take the opportunity to play “authority figure” by punishing the well-behaved student for the most innocuous behavior, having already had the pleasure of aiding and abetting assault and battery.

I suppose there must be one or two exceptions in the Western hemisphere. But nearly all teachers today are brainless whores who should never be allowed anywhere near a child.


10 Responses to “Female Teachers should be sent to the planet Gor”

  1. Mr Zopo Says:

    I have no hope for the West anymore, the best thing to do is to let it die its painful and deserved death

  2. Mr Zopo Says:

    I have no hope for the West anymore, the best thing to do is to let it die its painful and deserved death

  3. Mr Zopo Says:

    I have no hope for the West anymore, the best thing to do is to let it die its painful and deserved death

  4. Don Jeffries Says:

    I've been reading several entries on your blog. You are a lucid, entertaining writer with a refreshing point of view. I'm the author of the sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals." You also might find my own blog interesting: "I Can't Believe It's A Blog."

    Thanks again for a stimulating and entertaining read.

  5. Female Misogynist Says:

    Don, I will check that out. I'm glad you're enjoying my posts!

  6. No Name Says:

    My god, I can't believe someone wrote this!

    I keep reading how bullies are getting out of control in school and have long thought to myself it's because female teachers prefer the bad boys and treat the wimpy kids with scorn.

    This is completely the opposite of what happened when we had male teachers. Guy teachers saw the bullies as trying to challenge the teachers' authority so the male teachers made sure to slap them down.

    I hope this blog is real and not some satire. You're making good points here.

  7. Female Misogynist Says:

    No Name,

    This blog is real. I don't know why sometimes people comment asking me if this is a joke, but it isn't. I wouldn't have put this much work into researching my views if I weren't serious about them!

  8. Ana Baptist Says:

    Does that apply to homeschooling mothers?

  9. Phoenix Says:

    I should be spending this Sat finishing off my physics PhD thesis. Instead I am spending it reading everything the blog author has written. I agree pretty much 100% with everything she has written. Its like the blog I would write if I had the time and energy to write a Misogynist blog. I can't praire the author enough.

  10. Billy Says:

    I never thought about the violent kids getting by like this. But I haven't been in school in years either. Basically women are still cowards when it comes to violence.The wet moral compass thing is funny and just may have some truth to it. I'm never surprised anymore by the things some women do.You may notice my grammar is lacking and it's because my 11th grade English teacher hounded me to the point I walked out of school when she sent me to the principles office. Maybe she was hot for me? Most of my teachers liked me and some even loved me.For some unknown reason this witch had it in for me and didn't appreciate my humor at all. My Spanish teacher nick named me Don Juan because she thought I was cute and made the class laugh all the time. Good post as usual.signed~ the classroom clown

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