Florence King on Helen Gurley Brown

Every time I learn anything about the life story of a feminist, it virtually always turns out (unless she’s a lesbian) that the men she slept with paid her bills, funded her enterprises, and masterminded her ideas.

Helen Gurley Brown, for those of you who don’t know, was the one who turned Cosmpolitan from a wholesome ladies’ magazine into the slutty feminist rag it is today. She started her career as a secretary and after a few years moved up to being kept, to greater or lesser degree, by her bosses. Eventually she manipulated David Brown into marrying her. Miss King reports, “It was he who came up with the idea for Sex and the Single Girl, urged her to write it, used his contacts to get it published, and then came up with an even better idea as he watched her knock herself out writing personal replies to the tons of fan mail she received.” He got her put in charge of Cosmo, and she turned it into what it now is.


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