Florence King

Miss King reviewed A Woman’s Place: The Freshmen Women Who Changed the Face of Congress by Marjorie Margolies-Mevinsky.

1992 was called “the Year of the Woman” because 24 female congresspersons were elected.

“When we were sworn in,” [Karan English (D-Ariz.)] recalls, “there were a lot of kids on the floor. I thought it was a delight. It did sound like an elementary schoolyard…. There were kids coughing and crying and young voices and everybody was excited.” Some of the (white male) old timers complained of the lack of decorum, but English brushed them off. “I thought, I couldn’t be more proud of all this noise, because it represents all walks of life. Sure it was disruptive, but it was real life.”

Again, if someone had said, “If we let women run for Congress, they’ll bring a bunch of rowdy children to their swearing-in,” even a hardened misogynist like myself would have dismissed this as silly. Of course women who are serious and driven enough to run for Congress would behave with more decorum.

Once again, women prove that I overestimated them, and that they have even less place than I would have imagined in the corridors of power.

If I related more about this review, I’d just be repeating the points I made when I discussed Miss King’s review of two other politicianettes’ autobiographies a few days ago. I’ll just mention that MMM’s prose style is straight out of Cosmo, using superlatives at every opportunity. “Incredibly bright”, “wonderfully supportive”, etc.


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