Women need to be alienated

I just read all the comments on the GoV post I linked yesterday, and found this comment by latté island. It was quite illuminating, though not in the way she imagined:

I think it’s great that nowadays, a woman can easily get a woman doctor, and if she goes to court, she’ll feel comfortable dealing with lots of women cops, social workers, lawyers, possibly a judge, etc. Before the 70’s, everything was run by men, and it was alienating to women to be alone in every public situation.

Alienating to women, but highly beneficial to society. A woman who wanted a divorce so she could screw the milkman, who wanted to deprive her children of their father so she could barter a chance to abuse them in exchange for the sexual favors of some other man, who wanted to take her husband to the cleaners, who wanted to file a frivolous lawsuit demanding that the law be changed to privilege her, or who wanted to lobby for an insane law like the ones feminists have been getting passed for decades now, would have found herself faced by legions of unimpressed men. Strong,
rational men, confident that theirs was the ruling class, unable to conceive of unjust laws being made to engineer society into some utopian dream. Judges, lawyers, policemen, and other government employees whose stolid disapproval of feminine irrationality was often enough to intimidate women into staying out of trouble.

Nowadays, of course, a woman can be confident that when she shreds her family because “she doesn’t feel in love” and demands that her husband subsidize her adultery, she will be faced, not with shocked avuncular male faces, but with sympathetic female ones who are only too eager to help her in the game of female irresponsibility. And any men she is forced to come into contact with know that the slightest resistance could mean the wreck of their careers.

This is exactly what I have been trying to express when I mentioned indirect male authority. Even unmarried women who don’t live with their fathers were still surrounded by male authority figures, lived in a society dominated by them, and thus behaved far better than even a married woman today. Doubtless some women before the 60’s would have liked to do the outrageous things women do today, but the thought of all the male authority figures they would have had to face in the process stopped them in their tracks.

Please, let’s bring patriarchy back already.


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