The Brooms of Bloomsbury

Virginia Woolf famously dreamed of a room of one’s own in which to work uninterrupted. But even a room needs to be dusted, the linen changed, the laundry done, the food bought and prepared. As Alison Light notes in “Mrs. Woolf and the Servants”: “Without all the domestic care and hard work which servants provided there would have been no art, no writing, no ‘Bloomsbury.’ “

Woolf needed her servants — they tended to her most intimate needs every day, especially during her frequent illnesses — but she also resented her need to pay attention to them. What she would have loved, she wrote in her journal, was an efficiency flat, “entirely controlled by one woman, a vacuum cleaner, & electric stoves.”

In other words, this arch-feminist needed the modern conveniences invented by men in order to have her “independence”. That, or else the stable patriarchal social order which provided servants for her.

Dr Paul Irwing: ‘There are twice as many men as women with an IQ of 120-plus’

All the research I’ve done points to a gender difference in general cognitive ability. There is a mean difference of about five IQ points. The further you go up the distribution the more and more skewed it becomes. There are twice as many men with an IQ of 120-plus as there are women, there are 30 times the number of men with an IQ of 170-plus as there are women….

The results of both studies were a shock to me. I find prejudice abhorrent. I’ve always taught sex differences from a left-wing point of view, that women are every bit as good as men. My findings don’t fit my view of the world at all. Girls often do better than boys at school. There has to be some female compensating factor, most importantly the ability to process speech sounds, which means women read faster and more accurately and have an advantage in basic writing tasks. And women work harder than men and are more conscientious so they do things technic-ally correctly. Men are often quite original but deficient in what is technically demanded.

Mine, by the way, is above 120.


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