A few links

Hippocampus throughout the menstrual cycle

The recent issue of the journal Hippocampus has an interesting article on the structure of the hippocampus throughout the menstrual cycle. By studying women two times during the menstrual cycle (pre- and post-menstrual) using volumetric MR scanning, researchers Xenia Protopopescu and her colleagues at Cornell University demonstrated structural changes in the hippocampus. Specifically, gray matter was relatively increased in the right anterior hippocampus and relatively decreased in the right dorsal basal ganglia (globus pallidus/putamen) in the postmenstrual phase.

The science is a little over my head; I guess I should try to read this again in about two weeks. 😉

Drinking mom asks daughter, 9, to drive

TORONTO (Reuters) – An Ontario woman was charged with a traffic violation after having her nine-year-old daughter drive her home following a night of drinking.

“The woman was concerned that she was unable to drive having consumed some alcohol at a social function,” police said on Thursday.

The child was driving the car slowly along country roads in southeastern Ontario on October 12 when police noticed how tiny she was and pulled her over, police said.

What do you want to bet this bitch dumped her husband and took their daughter away from him?

Naked Woman in Police Chase Without Headlights

LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― A naked woman suspected in a Pasadena, Calif. car vandalism was taken into custody Thursday night after leading police officers on a wild car chase.

Police say the woman was reported vandalizing a car and jumped into her car when she saw police officers. The female suspect led police onto the Ventura Freeway, the and the Golden State Freeway, driving at speeds as high as 95 mph without headlights.

There’s a (clothed) picture of the bimbo here. She’s moderately pretty. In a nonfeminist era, she’d probably have been a nice girl, not a criminal slut.


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