The gender pay gap

As I’ve had occasion to mention before, that part-time pay gap is something of a fraud. For it is comparing the wages per hour earned by women working part-time with those of men working full-time, thus conflating two entirely different things. Part-timers everywhere earn less than full-timers, so this is nothing whatever to do with gender. Indeed, from the same ONS ASHE figures we can calculate that the part-time pay gap for women (ie, part-time women compared with full-time women) is 14% and that for men 27%. we are clearly therefore not dealing solely with a gender issue.

However, there’s another aspect to this which interests me. From the TUC’s briefing paper *on the subject we find on page 14 that (by a slightly different measure) the gender pay gap in the UK is 20%, that in Denmark 18%, in Sweden 16%. So this isn’t something that can be explained by the absence of social democracy, the absence of free childcare, the absence of comprehensive union agreements, for those things do indeed exist in those places.


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