Mothers + Stepfathers = Infanticide

Beenleigh District Court told toddler was bashed, tied, beaten

I saw the headline and clicked, as I always do when I see child abuse headlines, to confirm that the biological father wasn’t responsible. He never is. Well, in maybe 1% of cases. Mother custody of children is pretty much mass murder of children.

The court was told how she stood by while her de facto husband, 35, punished the boy and his two sisters, four and five, for minor misdemeanours, such as looking at him the “wrong way”.

“De facto husband”. Thank heavens the Sexual Revolution has made women feel free to shack up with men who won’t commit to them!

The court was told all three children were subjected to periods of “long time out” for relatively mild indiscretions such as looking at their stepfather – who moved in with their mother shortly after they met on the internet – the “wrong way” or “eyeballing him”.

It also revealed the mother was caught on closed-circuit television cameras “buying confectionary-type items” at the time her son was clinging to life.

The court was told the woman allowed her de facto to force her five-year-old daughter to eat and drink from a pet food bowl and move about on her hands and knees like a dog.


One Response to “Mothers + Stepfathers = Infanticide”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    Yep…fathers almost NEVER injure their children…it is very, very rare….step fathers or new 'live in boyfriends'…not so rare at all.

    Women looking after kids? I agree with your comment…women being given custody is mass murder…lots of those kids wind up dead.

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