Feminists prefer nonwhite male criminals to innocent women

Earlier today, I approved a comment and then had to delete it when I reread it, because it cited anti-Semitic crackpot Kevin McDonald as a reliable source. It was because of anti-Semites that I had to start moderating comments in the first place. For a while I just deleted the crank remarks, but then one day some guy, after claiming that the Nazis “just” wanted to reclaim the territory Germans had rightfully conquered and been robbed of in the First World War, and stating that my not going along with this revisionist notion showed an “appalling ignorance of history”, accused me of “helping the Jews to betray the white race”.

Seeing as how I’m neither a racist nor an anti-Semite, I suppose by his lights the accusation is valid.

Anyway, what got me to thinking is that the racist anti-Semite who made the comment, after delivering a brief exposĂ© of the Jewish Agenda, declared that soon feminists will become white nationalists, because nonwhite immigrants are mostly male chauvinists and “real rape statistics (not the ones doctored by feminists) show that male-on-female rapes of the ‘dark alley’ variety are almost exclusively perpetrated by non-whites.”

His own statement shows the absurdity of his prediction. Feminist leaders know perfectly well the truth about rape statistics, yet they continue to doctor the statistics. They know perfectly well that lying about this will cause more women to take the wrong precautions and be raped, but they keep right on.

His incorrect premise is that feminists actually give a flying fuck about women. No feminist cares one speck about any woman being assaulted or murdered. Feminists do not care about women. They just hate men.

Feminists always take the part of nonwhite men over women. Just a few days ago I linked an article about how feminists ignore Muslim crimes against women. Robert Spencer has his critics, but the example he mentions is valid, and we’ve all seen other examples of it. Here’s a better article on the subject. And another. Schoolteachers, nearly all of whom are feminists, tell their students that the West horribly persecutes those poor Muslims and that terrorism is our fault, while keeping mum about genital mutilation, honor killings, etc. etc.

Feminists also fiercely defend black and Latino male criminals. If they really cared about women, they would tell the truth about the violence these nonwhite men commit against women. (Statistics show clearly that black and Latino men commit far more crime. Our welfare system has caused these groups to have far more fatherless families, which is the cause of the violence. As I’ve mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with nonwhites that the patriarchal family couldn’t fix.) Instead, back in ’88, Ms. Magazine was defending Willie Horton. To hear them and the MSM talk, he was jailed for being black, not for murder. And complaining that he had been released and then committed rape was racist. Feminists have made it clear that they would rather women be raped than that black criminals be locked up.

Why? Because “feminists” would rather hurt white men than help women. If that means that women will be subject to constant assault, feminists are fine with that.

I’ve said before that, in PUA terms, feminism is one elaborate shit test. Feminists keep behaving more and more obnoxiously in the futile hope that some man, somewhere, will stand up to them. Unfortunately, the political machine that (male) politicians have built up to respond to these demands has ensured that no white man or decent man (and especially no man who’s both) can effectively do so without being royally screwed, ensuring that these women will never get what they truly want from men.

In other words, guys, please don’t read this and start giving women the treatment they’re asking for. In their hearts all straight feminists (not all straight women, but definitely the feminists) long for a man to go all John Wayne on them, but with society’s current setup, YOU’LL GO TO JAIL. And I don’t want that to happen to you guys. The only winning move is not to play.

Anyway, thanks to the protection that modern governments and society give to nonwhites, nonwhite men can often get away with treating women like dirt. Arrest a black rapist and everyone will scream that the poor man is being persecuted by racists. More, women are less likely to go to the police if a Muslim or black boyfriend is abusive to them, right up until Mohammed kills her. A thousand Lifetime movies have shown her that any time a white man who’s honorably married her so much as raises his voice, he’s intent on giving her a life of torment and will be brutalizing her daily in no time, plus a white man/husband is more likely to have money he can be sued for, so any hint of “abuse” from a white guy will send her squalling to the police or the nearest women’s shelter.

But by dating a nonwhite man of the criminal class, feminists can get what they want so badly: a man who isn’t intimidated by women. These women are so uncivilized and warped that they can’t respect a man who doesn’t batter them. Treat them with the slightest decency and they think you’re weak.

White nationalists may become feminists, but feminists will never become “white nationalists”. They would rather be battered by men of color than protect white men from any attack whatsoever.


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