Science = Misogyny

I really need to read comments more carefully before approving them, because it’s annoying to have to then delete them. Last time it was some antisemitic crackpot, this time it was some dimbo feminist who swallows Marilyn vos Savant’s dubious PR whole and accuses me of making a lot of grammatical errors, which was pretty funny in a comment that included the phrases “it’s clear that’s she no genius”, “Has no one ever hear of Marilyn Vos Savant?” and “it would be nice if maintained an objective balance.” I cut and pasted all of these, they are unedited.

You’d think if there was anywhere I could get away from idiot feminists, it’d be on a blog dedicated to hating women.

Of course, I don’t hate all women. Some of my best friends are women. Some of my favorite internet cronies, like the Editrix, are women. And if I lived in a sane era, I wouldn’t hate women. I’d still be a male chauvinist, that is, I would still recognize that women are in most ways inferior to men. But if they weren’t demanding jobs they can’t do, shredding family life, lowering social standards so that they can reach them, and generally being destructive, there would be no reason to hate them.

As you can see, I’m in a bad mood. No, it isn’t that time of the month, I just encountered some other stupid feminists elsewhere this week. So in preparation for the weekend, I decided to log on to see if I couldn’t find some feminist lunacy to ridicule as catharsis.

I didn’t have to even try. I checked my favorite blogs, followed a link on one of them, and from there I came across a hilarious feminist “scientist” over at I’ve encountered that site before. Despite the name, it isn’t actually a science site; it’s dedicated to bashing people who question PC propaganda or oppose baby-murder-at-whim. They refuse to even look at the mountains of evidence that global warming is a scam, and they have kittens over any data about the biological differences between the sexes.

The blogger in question calls herself Isis the Scientist, and a lot of her posts are about the high heeled shoes she’s bought. Seriously. Well, I approve of female scientists who wear high heels, but only if they don’t also spout feminist drivel.

The first post I came across was Misogyny So Thick I Couldn’t Make it Up if I Tried. It begins,

Before we get down to business, I feel like I need to apologize and right a wrong. I was a bit of a jerk for suggesting a pair of $379.50 shoes for this week’s Shoe of the Week. They just made me happy. Still, it’s no service to you when I do that, so I decided yesterday that I would toughen up and go shopping to try and find a more suitable pair. Seriously, I considered this round of shopping as penance for having wronged you so.

Why isn’t this woman writing for a magazine that would really appreciate her intellect, like Cosmo?

There is then a picture of Isis’s feet in her new, rather tacky $26.99 shoes.

Now for the thick, un-make-up-able misogyny. It seems that another science blogger, Professor Anonymous, noticed at a graduation ceremony that women of different degrees of status wore different sorts of shoes.

Can you imagine! TEH OPPRESHUN!!!111!!ELEVENTY-ONE!!1! We women will never be free as long as men notice that undergraduate women are more likely to wear high heels than female professors are!

She was also incensed by this humorous exchange in the comments:

Commenter JH: I heard that high heels were good at causing corns, calluses, hammertoes, arthritis, chronic knee pain, sprained ankles and back problems, and the symptoms began later in life…just rumors.

Professor Anonymous: And in some cases, pregnancy.

Like many reality-denying feminists, Isis apparently believes that what women wear has no relation to their interest in attention from the sterner sex. Therefore, just because a woman is wearing high heels, makeup, and a short skirt is no reason to think she’s more likely to have sex (a factor in most pregnancies) than the slattern in faded jeans and an oversized sweatshirt.

Isis seriously seems to believe that Professor Anonymous was being sexist. She thinks that’s misogyny? If she ever finds my blog, she’ll probably have a stroke.

For those of you who come by my place and remark that the current level of misogyny in science is being inflated, there it is, my friend. The notion that a woman’s footwear choice would lead her to become pregnant is disgusting in the same way that it’s deplorable to remark that a woman who is raped was asking for it because she dressed a certain way. The comment made me viscerally ill.

She declared that his little jest about pregnancy “drove the nail into his coffin”, and posted a photo of a coffin with the name “Professor Anonymous” Photoshopped onto it. (What if a male blogger did that about women who said idiotic things? He’d probably be arrested for threatening murder.) She also accused him of wanting to masturbate while watching the graduation ceremony.

But there’s another level to the comment that made me ill. I thought of these undergraduate women and their flat-shoed counterparts interviewing for graduate school or a professional position and some cocknozzle like Professor Anonymous sitting to interview them, looking at their footwear, and thinking, “I’ll hire the flat-shoed girl. She’s less likely to go tramping around and getting herself knocked up.” No matter the women’s academic achievements or relative intellects, choosing a pair of heels makes her “that kind of girl” — one whose sexual activities are worthy of being pondered (and commented on?) in Professor Anonymous’s blog.

I wouldn’t hire a woman wearing the trampy shoes in the photo unless I was looking for a cocktail waitress. People who want serious jobs have to wear conservative shoes to job interviews. Even Howard Roark was willing to accept that.

Professor Anonymous, alas, is a mangina. He apologized and took the post down because it offended Isis’s delicate sensibilities, making her swoon and feel sick. Women are so delicate. They need to be sheltered from the harsh world out there where brutal men notice their footwear.

Isis, of course, is the one who has been insulting and disrespectful of others, and she owes Professor Anonymous a humble apology. But feminists never take responsibility for their actions.

Here’s another example of her “evidence” of sexism in science: Sexism in Science is Not Dead…

It’s Larry Summers all over again. She starts with this awesome and very accurate cartoon:

Then she shares “patriarchal gems” such as this:

Meetings with federal supplemental funding typically need to show evidence of women and underrepresented minority representation. Which is why a few prominent people with mediocre science get talks at every meeting I go to.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing that women and minorities are underrepresented in science. I think women and minorities do science as well as anyone else, often without the hierarchical dick-waving and ego battles common among old-school white men. I’m just reporting the facts.

This mangina’s agreeing to the feminist lie that women are just as capable as men, and for this he gets called “patriarchal”. How is it patriarchal to tell women that they are capable of doing things which are completely beyond them?

If Isis is any indication of the level of rationality among female scientists, it’s a very good thing that women are “underrepresented” in science. Please, let’s keep a healthy supply of shoe-noticing patriarchs in the sciences to bar airheads like her.

A few other highlights:

I’ve got a real feminist-y, science-y, totally hot post coming for you later, but I am unable to post at the moment because I am contemplating my own demise.

What is especially interesting to me are the suggestions that women are stared at because the women choose to dress in a way that is sexually appealing and that the solution is to consider more conservative dress.

Imagine that.

Dear asshat,

I read your adorable comment on my Silence is the Enemy post yesterday. To recap for my readers who have no braved the comment thread:

It is nice to see all of you focusing on a real problem, for once, instead of just complaining about how mean men are to you. Aren’t you glad to live in America instead of Liberia? Here, for the most part, the males around you aren’t trying to gang-rape you and your kids. So maybe we do treat you as sexual objects, stare at your boobs, make inappropriate comments, don’t pay you enough, etc. See how insignificant all that is compared to the troubles women have elsewhere? Try to keep things in perspective and be grateful for all that you have in this country and in the West.

Two guesses whether or not she responded with the deep gratitude which she owes Western men for the privilege of spending her time flouncing around in tacky shoes and writing vitriol about how evil men are for noticing them.

Are Men Smarter than Women?

So, I decided that, rather than appealing to the common decency of people and point out the obvious fuckwittitude of suggesting that there is an intellectual disparity between genders, I would evaluate the scientific merit of suck a claim.

Wow, she’s going to do real science? Awfully generous of her, considering that questioning feminist assertions is, as everybody knows, “fuckwitted”. We already know that everything feminists say is true, there’s no need to look at evidence.

You see, here is the problem with any study that attempts to investigate the innate intellectual differences between men and women — like some of the papers I reviewed this week, any study that could possibly be done would lack the appropriate experimental control. Comparing men and women, even of you controlled for things like, age, cranial circumference, years of education, waist-to-hip ratio, etc. is still like comparing apples and oranges. This is because boys and girls are treated differently as they develop.

This woman claims to be a scientist.

I’ll leave you with this, which she linked to, though I’ve probably linked it before:

Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study

And Isis, if you read this and decide you want to prove your intellectual prowess by having the same kind of hormonal hysterics on my blog as you do on your own, I’ll publish your drivel, no matter how idiotic it is.


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