Ads not sufficiently abjectly feminist

In my last post, I ranted about an idiot feminist blogger who posts allegedly sexist ads. One of the ones she denounces, by the way, is the classic about the little girl picking daisies and then the nuclear bomb countdown. What is sexist or in any other way offensive about opposing nuclear war she didn’t explain, and my imagination isn’t up to the challenge, but feminists can literally find sexism anywhere.

Anyway, her posts on ads can be read here. Right now the top post features that notorious Burger King ad implying that a woman is giving a blow job to a sandwich. The funny thing is, I never would have seen this ad if it hadn’t been posted on hundreds of righteously wrathful feminist blogs.

Like most of her breed, this feminist really doesn’t see the connection between demanding sexual license for women and encouraging women to indulge sexually, and women being seen more as sex objects now than they ever were in the bad old days of patriarchy.

Most of the ads, though, are about an unoffensive as anything possibly could be.

There’s a diet Pepsi commercial that promotes the “social construct” of manliness. There’s a commercial which features four women and – gasp! – only one is nonwhite. There’s an old ad aimed at men that states that women might have venereal diseases, therefore men should wear condoms. There’s a commercial which mentions that women like shoes. God, the oppression. There’s a woman being oppressed by putting Neosporin on her child’s boo-boos. Liberated women just let their kids get infections and die.

Oh, also? Women ought to have abortions because their babies might grow up to be Hitler.

I thought for a minute that she had posted one thing she and I agreed on: put out a commercial to promote the importance of being a good dad. There’s not much of a reason for me posting this here, other than I think it’s really cute, and it takes a real man to be able to do this.

Then I watched it. I should’ve known not to expect anything good from a site that ended in “.gov”.


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