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Why This Male Doesn’t Ask Directions

I work with maps for a living. The single most important reason I don’t stop to ask directions is it’s more often than not a waste of time. The average random person is clueless about things in his or her immediate neighborhood. Sometimes I get lucky and find someone who knows straight off. Usually then I find out I was headed in the right direction all along and I would have gotten where I was going – sooner – without bothering to stop at all. These happy cases are more than offset by the blank stares and garbled directions I get when I ask directions. In the time it takes me to stop and ask two or three different people where something is, I can usually find it myself. If I do stop and ask, I try to find a place where I can be sure of getting information; typically a gas station where they’re likely to have a map.

Game show host Pat Sajak has a perspective very close to mine:

In the matter of asking for directions, women assume we men are too proud to ask, when, in fact, we are wise enough to realize that people will give directions even if they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Rather than admit ignorance, most folks are content to improvise directions with an air of absolute certainty. Their assuredness is so convincing that, when you finally realize you’re even more lost than when you asked for help, you figure you must have heard them wrong. And, assuming you’re with a woman (which, of course, you would be if you’d asked directions in the first place) you’ll stop the next person you see for further misinformation. Men would rather take their chances with maps, signs, stars or even instinct than to trust the kid wiping strawberry goo off the Slurpee machine to tell them where Milly’s Antique Emporium is located.

EXACTLY. I always go to maps before asking total strangers to waste my time with incorrect directions. Notice that women never ask for directions themselves. They just bitch at the nearest man or lesbian to ask for them.

Men are designed to figure things out for themselves, so they consult maps, which were put together by people who are paid to know what they’re talking about. Women are designed to get other people to protect and provide for them, which is why they would rather feel connected to another random human being than go to the effort of using their own brains to read a map. They would rather spend all day lost and wandering around than think for themselves.

Gender Bias: When Groups Fight Other Groups, Male Leaders Sought; But For In-group Conflicts, Female Leaders Preferred

Like I said….

Boss’ Gender Impacts Employee Stress Levels

The findings revealed that women working under a lone female supervisor reported more distress and physical symptoms than did women working for a male supervisor. Women who reported to a mixed-gender pair of supervisors indicated a higher level of distress and physical symptoms than their counterparts with one male manager.

The researchers also found that men working under a single supervisor had similar levels of distress regardless of their boss’ gender. When supervised by two managers, one male and one female, men reported lower distress levels and fewer physical symptoms than men who worked for a lone male supervisor.

Gender Roles And Gender Bias Identified In Holding Back Women Scientists


It’s a Woman’s World by John Derbyshire

He claims that men are becoming obsolete.

As Western society moves ever closer towards pure meritocracy, it is becoming clear that women are not only healthier and better-behaved than men, but also smarter — or, at least, more willing to be educated. More women than men pass straight from high school to college (this has been true since the early 1970s) and more women than men now earn degrees.



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