Women have a "right" to get drunk

Commenter John gave me this link:

Revision of Oregon’s rape law heads to the governor’s office

HB 2343 will change Oregon law so it won’t matter how a rape victim became intoxicated and vulnerable to be attacked.

Under the current law, if a person is intoxicated and raped the suspect faces a less serious charge than if the suspect drugged the victim.

Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene said the changes to the current law will help prevent future violence, protect sexual assault survivors and prosecute attackers.

“The way this law was before really supported that it was their choice to become intoxicated or drink alcohol. And it focused on the person that was intoxicated and not the person who assaulted the person under the influence,” said Elly Maloney.

So a woman who makes the choice to get plastered, without trusted friends nearby to protect her, is not responsible for this action.

So what about the man? What if he’s drunk? No doubt drunk men are responsible for their actions, while drunk women are not.

That reminded me of this article from a few years ago:

Free thongs for drunk teetering women

Catchy title, eh? Actually, the thongs in question are actually flip-flops.

DRUNK women are to be issued with free thongs by British police to stop them falling over in high-heeled shoes.
Officers will distribute the footwear outside nightclubs as part of a $70,000 publicly funded scheme to prevent “alcohol-related harm”.

The move has been prompted by fears that women wearing stilettos or similar footwear could twist or sprain an ankle on the way home after a night out.

Officials claim female revellers risk cutting the soles of their feet by walking home barefoot.

The thongs, called “flip-flops” in Britain, will be given to anyone whose own footwear is “uncomfortable, inappropriate or soiled” and will be paid for using a Government grant.

Yet again, grown women refuse to take any responsibility for themselves, and the taxpayer is supposed to foot the bill for someone to babysit them. Soon there’ll be legislation protecting women from hangovers.

Woman, 22, jailed for raping girls

County Court judge Michael Patrick Bourke said 22-year-old Alicia Storrie’s crimes against her victims, aged 12 to 15, were exploitative and damaging.

“This was…prolonged predatory and grooming behaviour against young and vulnerable girls,” he said.

Storrie, of Portland, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five of performing an indecent act with a child under 16.


7 Responses to “Women have a "right" to get drunk”

  1. Shanta Kamath Says:

    So I guess that means that you believe that an intoxicated individual walking home on the sidewalk is partly responsible when s/he is hit by a drunk driver of a car? Maybe you think that when two people get drunk and one shoots the other with a gun the person who gets shot probably should be held accountable for the poor judgment of getting drunk near someone who owns a gun and the gun owner is not guilty of manslaughter because of intoxication. A person committing a sexual assault is committing a crime and a person being sexually assaulted isn’t, whether they are drunk or not. Your argument ignores this principle.

  2. femalemisogynist Says:

    Shanta, thanks for the laugh!

  3. Achmetha Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ Shanta. Shut your mouth.

  4. femalemisogynist Says:

    I suppose I had better clarify something. We are talking here about women who pour alcohol down their own throats, have sex while they’re shitfaced, and then the next day decide that they wish they hadn’t and that it’s someone else’s responsibility. These women believe, and the law encourages this notion, that if they choose to get drunk, the entire human race then becomes their babysitters.

    If a woman doesn’t want the risk of making unwise sexual choices, she has the responsibility of not pouring booze into herself. If the man is also drunk, then she is as guilty of raping him as he is of raping her.

  5. Leanna Says:

    A woman is responsible for her actions of getting drunk, but not the actions of vultures swarming around her hoping to score.

    But I guess it’s right in the same way that it’s right that men rape each other in prison. Hell, the guy did something bad so he deserves to get as many cocks crammed up his pooper as he gets.

    I don’t even know why security guards, run to the scene and try to break up prison rapes. Or why prison rapist are punished. It’s just a part of life and apparently it’s not deterrent enough to keep men from committing crimes. I’m convinced half the men in prison are there because they want to join the sodomy party.

    So whenever a man wants to have sex, it’s okay. Women shouldn’t get drunk, ever, because testosterone turns people into conniving creatures. Should we punish a dog for barking? Well sometimes we do, but men shouldn’t be punished for doing what men naturally do, fuck anything regardless of principal.

    I think maybe, this was the answer you were looking for. 🙂

  6. Stephen Says:

    I generally think this is a very sensible law — in fact, I think there ought to be a presumption of rape in cases where a man has sex with a drunk woman. Drunk women, and plausibly sober women, are generally incapable of making decisions for themselves and therefore should be treated as children in the eyes of the law. A drunk woman, and arguably a sober woman, can no more consent to sex than an 11 year old child so it’s unreasonable for the law to view her as a responsible adult.

  7. Chris Says:

    I think I’m gonna clarify femalemysogynist’s position here by throwing out there my own. I’ve decided, as a man, that if I’m drunk and I wake up next to someone fugly….I’m calling the cops and having her charged with rape.

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