The Political Spectrum

It has occurred to me that since I have been talking about my erstwhile membership in the Log Cabin Republicans and how many women vote Democrat and other things that are a little off the main topic here, perhaps I should state where I am on the political spectrum.

The answer, of course, is: traditionalist. That is, most of the Americans who call themselves “Republicans” find me way too reactionary. Even if they’ve only heard the pabulumized version of my beliefs, which in my normal life is all I show most people.

Like pretty much every conservative, of any variety of conservatism, I have a large streak of libertarianism in me. Of course, a lot of libertarians, and all liberals, don’t realize that the personal autonomy they desire requires an awful lot of responsible behavior. Freedom comes with responsibility.

Also, the libertarian way would result in de facto male privilege. This is why liberals don’t want a meritocracy; if merit is the only criteria, the winners will mostly be white men, Asian men, and Jews. A couple of the male chauvinist books in my sidebar have mischievously suggested that genuine sexual equality (as opposed to the female privileges feminists want) would be a boon to men; if quotas of women and sex discrimination lawsuits weren’t around, men would easily outcompete women in every area of life.

I recognize biologically based differences between humans, particularly male and female, gay and straight. This puts me definitely out of today’s conservative mainstream. I have outlined some of the theories of why patriarchy is necessary to civilization – they can be found in the works of Daniel Amneus, Steven Goldberg, and the other authors in my sidebar – to a very few trusted friends who are sensible enough not to scream and faint at hearing the facts which have been known to 100% of pre-1960 humans. Their response is to concede that it makes sense and gee, maybe it was necessary back before birth control etc., but they still believe that we can do away with patriarchy and still enjoy its beneficial effects on human behavior. They are so civilized that they don’t truly believe that anyone else isn’t. Or, they believe that just because a handful of people can and do behave themselves without the traditional restraints of society, this means that everyone will. All we have to do is read one page of any newspaper to see that this is not working. The structures of society that have always existed, exist for very good reasons.

If I took Ayn Rand’s famous challenge and recited my political philosophy while standing on one foot, I suppose I could summarize it thus: “Patriarchy, property, capitalism, tradition, merit.” Most of today’s “conservatives” would only go along with three of these.


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