Traditional Women Rock

I’ve been looking for this link for a while so I could post it here. Finally found it.


In earlier sections of this extended treatise, we saw that so-called “women’s liberation” – like Organized Sodomy – is a weapon the conspiracy for world government devised to destroy the foundation of our civilization so that our country could easily be submerged and dissolved in the totalitarian socialist system it seeks. In this session, let’s see where “liberation” has taken women. We saw that the Communists were among the earliest advocates of modern “women’s liberation.”

An important element in “women’s liberation” is the so-called “Playboy philosophy” devised by magazine publisher Hugh Hefner in his degenerate Playboy magazine. What? Isn’t Hefner’s pseudo “philosophy” the opposite of “women’s liberation? Well, what is the “Playboy philosophy?”

Before Playboy, parents warned daughters about all the things a couple of millennia of experience prove man does not want. They told her that the natural man does not want flowers. He does not want dinner. He doesn’t want to waste time with sweet talk. He wants to walk into a bar, get drunk with a compliant woman in a spirit of perfect equality and then jump into bed. He doesn’t even want to waste time with foreplay. If there is a pregnancy, it’s her problem. In short, he wants to sweep into the dustbin of history all those “prudish, Victorian” obstacles.

Because of these millennia-tested protections, unauthorized pregnancy was relatively rare. For just one example, we are talking about a time when there was such a lawgiver in most “Negro” homes, with the happy result that the rate of illegitimacy there was lower than it is in white families today.

Hef set out to change all this. His Playboy Philosophy “liberated” women. Under the “philosophy,” a woman now can stride into a bar and sit beside a man. She doesn’t need to mess around with foreplay. She can have a couple of drinks and jump into bed, just like a man. She is free to get genital warts and sterility. An unplanned parenthood can be aborted by Nazi apologist Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood.

A good example of the mentality we are talking about comes to us from one of my daughters-in-law. In conversation with other young women at a social event, she remarked that she does not go out to work. The others were teachers with “education degrees.” Of course, such a degree is an almost universal farce, not a real degree at all; usually a mélange of the Communist theories of Stalinists like John Dewey and genuinely valuable skills and materials like Playdough, Legos and games conducted with perfect competence by mothers at home, even mothers with mere high school educations.

One of the young teachers actually talked down to my daughter-in-law from a lofty union perch, observing that staying at home was probably the “best you could do.” Characteristically quite modest, this time my daughter-in-law rose up, explaining that, no, not quite. At a prestigious American university, she started out studying to become an electrical engineer.

After a couple of years, she decided mechanical engineering would be more fun. She completed that program, worked for a couple of years, then returned to complete her electrical engineering; so, she has two engineering degrees. She worked for a huge defense contractor in digital design and then in an extremely sensitive job for the city of Los Angeles, which she could have shut down. I pleaded with her to do so before she quit; she explained she didn’t need to because it would happen by itself.

How she did it, I don’t know, but she was able to con one of my sons into getting up and going to work every day, on top of which he comes home and gives her his money, while she takes naps whenever she likes, decorates their home and makes exquisite meals from haute cuisine cookbooks with an engineer’s skill. Needless to say, I shall not tell my son he has been taken, because I certainly have no intention of jeopardizing my enjoyment of her classic feasts.

On the occasion in question, she told the uppity, young teacher, “I am liberated now! I choose to be where I am!” The chastened educator, who probably could not have lasted one week in an engineering program, turned the color of Jorge W. Boosh’s politics and slunk off, returning to the “liberated” world in which her feet hit the floor while it is often still dark, she must fight the traffic and pay her own bills.

Did you notice that women who have a few children are thereby protected from ravaging diseases that afflict the childless? Why don’t the womanoids make a point of warning real women to that effect?

The effect of all this, combined with the in-womb infanticide authorized by Roe v. Wade, has tricked innumerable American women into not having children at all, or killing them – deceived by conspirators who claim to know better than God – just in time for the illegal alien invasion of foreign women unburdened by such claptrap who pop out the kiddos like a toaster. Is this an accident? No, it’s called “population replacement,” another name for which is genocide, an essential element of the North American Union that would abolish the United States.

The best part of this excellent article, to me, is that it demonstrates what I’ve seen over and over: the women who are actually capable of doing “man’s work” instead of bullshit jobs like Women’s Studies Professor, are invariably traditional women. If you really have to hire a woman for a man’s job, try to catch a traditional woman before she’s ready to have children. Unlike a feminist, she’ll actually do the work.


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