It’s been too long since I made a “heroic boy” post. I’ll try to do more of those. This isn’t exactly in that category, but it’s close enough that I wanted to share it.

Superboy! Just 48 hours after heart surgery, Alex, four, is back in his red cape

Many four-year-old boys like dressing up as Superman, and Alex Briggs is no exception.

But Alex has a superhero’s toughness to match after bouncing back from life-saving surgery to fix three holes in his heart.

During the risky five-hour operation, surgeons had to break Alex’s breast bone and stop his heart.

Yet just 48 hours after the open-heart surgery, Alex was back in his red cape and running around the hospital ward, to the relief of his parents, Army private Ben, 25, and his fiancée Diane Lamont, 26.

Miss Lamont, an accountant, said: ‘Alex is always climbing and jumping off things. He’s a bundle of energy and thinks he’s invincible. Now he’s able to run around and pretend he’s Superman to his heart’s content. He’s amazed us all’


3 Responses to “Superboy!”

  1. SavvyD Says:

    So cuuute!

  2. SavvyD Says:

    So cuuute!

  3. SavvyD Says:

    So cuuute!

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