Degrading commercials

I suppose it might seem ironic to feminists, but I hate commercials that demean women. I just saw a diet yogurt commercial that had some chick gracelessly slurping down a cup of yogurt, leaving a bunch of the stuff on her mouth. I think the commercial was trying to make a kind of “bukkake” vibe. Which was pretty dumb, since it’s women who are mostly going to buy low-fat yogurt, and how many women find bukkake appealing? It’s a male kink.

A couple of years ago, there was a commercial for appliances or something that had a bunch of models cuddling floors and refrigerators in an explicitly sexual way. What was that about? Just freaky.

And there was a shampoo commercial where a woman went into the bathroom on an airplane, where she shampooed her hair and enjoyed it so much that she made loud orgasm noises that could be heard all over the plane. If I had ever used that brand, I would never buy it again.

I denounce women who act like whores because I want women to be worthy of respect. And of mating with. But if women behave like whores, they are going, to their apparent surprise, to be treated like whores. In the bad old days of patriarchy, no disgusting commercial like that would ever have been made. Clairol barely got away with “Does she or doesn’t she?” Nowadays, women are “liberated”… from being treated with respect.


3 Responses to “Degrading commercials”

  1. obbop Says:

    "Nowadays, women are "liberated"… from being treated with respect."

    Wow!!! One sentence that conveys so much.

    Females possess so much raw brutal power with their femininity yet so many counteract that power by attempting to attain power via methods best used by males.

    A decent honorable man can often be controlled by a feminine woman when a horde of weapons-bearing males will be fought, to the death if necessary.

    I observe so few feminine females nowadays.

    Admittedly, there are differing opinions as to what is considered feminine but I believe educated folks with some knowledge of the not-too-distant past may have a basic understanding of what I write.


  2. Carl Says:

    This made me laugh a couple of times:

    I love how the last two paragraphs with comments from the 18 year old girl pretty much sums everything up. It's so good I'm sure the author did it on purpose.

  3. globalman100 Says:

    "I denounce women who act like whores because I want women to be worthy of respect. And of mating with."

    "All women are whores" Dick Masterson.

    No feminist is worthy of respect, male or female. No feminised western woman is worth 'mating' with, I won't even have sex with one.

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