Link Dump

Carl gave me this link: Breast practice on the riviera. It’s about the topless beaches in France.

In the meantime, far from the Riviera, Les Tumultueuses (Tumultuous Women), a group of radical feminists, has staged several topless actions at Parisian public pools.

At their latest outing, Natacha, one of the group members, explained: “The point of our action is to denounce the ways in which men and women are treated differently. Women’s bodies are systematically sexualized in a way that men’s bodies aren’t.”

What you’re denouncing, babe, is nature. If men didn’t get hard-ons from looking at the female body, the species would die out. If seeing a man of less than movie-star attractiveness made women wet, the species would decline because we wouldn’t be choosy enough to evaluate men’s genetic fitness and reliability as a provider before letting them fertilize us. Political action can’t change this any more than it can make us breathe carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

I grow so weary of these people trying to change the unchangeable. If they really want something different out of life from what tradition would have granted them, ignoring the facts of reality is a bad start. The biological facts can be gotten around, but not if you’re resolutely ignoring them. These feminist shrews can sling their mammaries around in public in the hopes of being seen as “equal” to men, but the actual result will inevitably be one of two things: if they’re goodlooking, people will think about sex, and if they’re not, people will think about how unattractive they are. A woman who acknowledges the immutable fact that the female body is sexual in a way that the male body simply isn’t (except to gay men) will do what virtually all women do anyway: wear normal clothes that do not draw undue attention to their breasts. Undistracted by their mammaries, the people these women meet will be free to evaluate them by other criteria, such as their work, intellect, personality, etc.

But just try to explain to a feminist that there are any choices other than dressing like a prostitute or wearing a burqua. According to feminists, those are the only two options in existence. It’s especially ironic that they drag this out, considering that they are invariably in favor of allowing those honor-killing ROPers to emigrate to the formerly civilized nations built by Christian men.

I’ve found a couple of interesting blogs: Feminine beauty, which carries articles about the scientific basis of what we perceive as beautiful.

Elysium Revisited, a PUA blog. Not often updated, but that just means you can read the entire archive.

Teacher Gives Sex Tape To 5th Graders On DVD

A local teacher accidentally put pornography into a DVD that was meant to be filled with school memories from the past year, and nobody caught the error until after it was sent home, shocking parents and students alike.

Parents of students who attend Isabelle Jackson Elementary said that the woman is a good teacher, but just made a mistake that may become the most embarrassing moment of their life.

The offending DVD starts with a menu screen that displays various school trips and functions, and when you click on one of them, you see kids in a classroom sharing stories. They start clapping, then the video suddenly cuts to sex.

“It goes from my son, straight to her on the couch,” said ‘Joe,’ who saw the video along with his son and did not wish to be identified. “My son’s reaction was, ‘Dad, is that Ms. Defanti?'”

Parents today see no problem with entrusting their children to whores.

Finally, I have been linked by someone called Theo to “proof” that feminism is a Jewish plot:
Dude, are you sure you’re not a feminist? This is totally their style of logic: 1. Jewish feminists exist. 2. Therefore, feminism is a Jewish plot.

As an exercise, make a list of shiksa feminists. Or examine the Old Testament and see how much feminism you find in it. Matter of fact, I’ve seen essays by Christian feminists who try to evade their faith’s clear instructions about the relationship between the sexes by blaming it all on – you guessed it – The Jooz. If it weren’t for the historical coincidence that, um, God decided that His Son would be born into a Jewish family, then Christianity wouldn’t have inherited the misogyny of The Jooz and women would have spent their lives screwing around out of marriage and being women’s studies professors and senatresses for the past 2000 years.

He(?) also called me an unprintable name, no doubt figuring that this would increase the likelihood of my approving his comment, and suggested I write a post about why women should never have been taught to read or write.

Do I need to point out that the people who espouse feminism and other liberal bullshit are the same gasbags who claim that Israel is a Naziesque state because it heinously defends itself against Palestinian terrorists who are trying to murder all the Jewish Israelis they can? And who generally support allowing terrorism in the Middle East to thrive, terrorism which is a threat to Western countries but a much greater one to Israel? And that most Jewish feminists are the “self-hating” Jews who buy into all that bullshit?

Yes, I probably do.


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  1. John Says:

    Here ya go, this guy was punished for acting like a real man should.

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