The Fantasy Genre has been taken over by women

Twilight at Comic-Con: The Feminization of Fantasy

This marks another, mostly male sphere, that is now switched to a mostly female sphere. However, the problem for publishers, writers, and the entertainment industry at large is that males will simply withdraw from something so absolutely, and irrevocably female. Making fantasy a tough sell once the tween fad runs out (as mega-stars Leif Erickson and Scott Baio). Which means in an extended recession/depression, the regular income streams that male readers used to give fantasy publishers simply won’t be there any more. As males consider fantasy just another female-gay ghetto, and tween girls inevitably grow up, and move on to the next fad. The cultural damage, both to girls views about men and male behavior, and the erosion of the male-heroic fantasy, are far worse than the commercial impact, of course.

I’m fond of fantasy and sci-fi myself, and I’m certainly tired of how much feminism has infected the genre. I’m constantly coming across essays and rants about “women in fantasy” or “feminist science fiction” yada yada. We’re asked to believe in feudal societies in which women are soldiers and archbishops. Or in utopias ruled by women.

Even military sci-fi is infected with feminism, even though this is a thoroughly masculine genre. There’s still co-ed armies and other such nonsense.

Quite aside from how insulting this is to men, belittling their abilities and achievements by pretending that women are just as good at male pursuits, it’s also very bad for women’s self-respect. These days women are constantly exhorted to do things which are far beyond the abilities of most of us. And of no interest to most of us. Play sports. Study the sciences. Pursue a demanding career. Beat up a room full of men like the chicks in Charlie’s Angels.

I pursue a demanding career, but I’m a dyke. I don’t have the option of being supported by a man, and I have a higher testosterone level than most women, which shows up in a couple of physical ways. (The book Taking Sex Differences Seriously went so far as to put women into two distinct categories, high and low testosterone. Feminism is basically a handful of high-testosterone women, mostly lesbians, trying to force normal women into pursuits that only we are even slightly interested in or remotely capable of.)

I have no interest whatsoever in sports, and even intensive training can’t enable women to beat up men. I mean, there are exceptions – a highly trained woman might beat up a scrawny, untrained man – but the male skeleton is so much more powerful than ours that it’s a quixotic pursuit for most women. But here’s all these stupid movies, where male actors are paid to pretend that Ashley Judd or Renee Russo is beating them up, leading women to believe that they can defend themselves from men, and thus to get into dangerous situations where they’ll be raped or murdered or mugged. Or, in less extreme cases, making the 99.9999999999999999999999999% of women who know they can’t do these things feel inadequate.

Before feminism, the world praised women for doing things that are within the capabilities of nonfreak women. Creating a home. Raising children, the most important job in civilization. Being chaste before marriage and faithful after it. I could go on with the list but I won’t. Now these things, which are absolutely indispensable for civilization, are denigrated and women are told they are worthless unless they succeed at male pursuits, which almost no woman is going to be any good at. This has destroyed women’s self-esteem, which is why eating disorders have become commonplace under feminism; they were almost nonexistent in the days of patriarchy, because women were happier.


4 Responses to “The Fantasy Genre has been taken over by women”

  1. Carl Says:

    In terms of fantasy as a whole I agree.

    In terms of Comic-Con then I really think this is men's own making. You can't spend the last 5-10 years praising every semi-hot cosplayer that attends and not expect it to eventually end this way. This is why you don't mix sex and [whatever].

    Comic-Con has more than jumped the shark anyway. When it started two weeks ago even Google had a logo up announcing it. You can't get much more mainstream.

    I couldn't find anything specifically about it (couldn't think of the correct search terms) but there is a lot of criticism about Twilight just being a middle aged woman's sexual fantasy. Hence why it is so appealing to all the "Twilight Moms" in a way that Harry Potter never was. Of course, why would anyone be selling the sexual fantasies of middle aged women to 13 year old girls? I seem to even remember hearing the lead male actor saying that the book was creepy (and not in the good way).

  2. The_Editrix Says:

    Another excellent post! I am not interested in fantasy, never was, but the real life implications you mention make all great sense.

    If I find the time I'll comment about a peripheral but (I think) interesting aspect later.

  3. silly girl Says:

    Ah yes, females in fantasy. One of my best friends used to read Red Sonja books. She described them as bed to brawl and back.

  4. Phoenix Says:

    As non Alpha as it looks to be writing "I agree your brilliant" all the time, I have to say "I agree, I love this post".

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