She was drunk.

I’ve got a lot of good links for you guys, but tonight I’m just too tired to dig them out of my bookmarks. However, I did want to link to this followup article about the woman I mentioned a few days ago, who drove knowing that she was disoriented and killed eight people, including herself.

Tests Show Driver Was Drunk in Parkway Crash That Killed 8

She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.19 percent, and even more alcohol still in her stomach, so fresh that it had yet to be metabolized. There were high levels of a chemical found in marijuana, enough to pinpoint her last use at 15 minutes to an hour before her death in the worst traffic accident in Westchester County in 75 years.

Just like the women who make the choice to go to a bar or a wild party and drink large amounts and then later expect to be allowed to arrest whoever they fuck while drunk for “rape”, as if these sex partners had forcibly injected the booze into their veins or something, this woman made a choice to drink a huge amount of alcohol and smoke pot when she was fully aware that she had to drive five children someplace. There’s really no need for more comment than that.


4 Responses to “She was drunk.”

  1. Alphadominance Says:

    By god what a wretched ghastly wench she must have been to do something like that. What unpardonable irresponsibility. I'm sick to think that someone would disregard children's safety in such a callous fashion, wtf?

  2. The_Editrix Says:

    I can't get that out of my head. First, I thought it couldn't be because her husband wouldn't have let her drive with five children on board, two of them his, if he knew she was a heavy drinker. Is it really possible that she hid her drinking habit from her husband? Why did she call her brother for help and then didn't stay put where she was? Then I thought of a crime, but who would bother to fill her up with alcohol?

    It's the monstrosity that defies belief. Is this really just another monstrously irresponsible woman who got plastered out of her mind because of SOME EFFING "MARRIAGE PROBLEMS" and killed 8 people in the process?

  3. globalman100 Says:

    Alphadominance, women do this shit all the time. They should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car…period. In my house the car count was 3-0…you won't guess which of us has not had an accident in 29 years..could it be the MAN.

    My ex once turned right (in Australia meaning across traffic) against the red light with our 2 kids in the car and was lucky to only be run into by a small car as the road was 3 lanes and carries 55,000 cars EACH WAY per day.

    Her excuse "I wasn't concentrating." No shit?

    When I was a kid we used to joke about how often our mum crashed the car. There was metal band on the back of the front seat that we used to joke it stopped the seat from being damaged by our heads as we hit it. There were no seatbelts in those days.

    I recall three lots of stitches to my head from that particular piece of metal and that was before I was 7. One time my mum crashed the car and jumped out and ran away…another time she parked it in the middle of the front yard…which meant she had to run over the mail box and brick front fence as well as a sizable srub.

    Women and cars don't mix. Never have done. My only surprise is that women don't kill more people in cars. Every time I had to let my ex drive because I was too exhausted to do so I lived in terror the whole time she was behind the wheel. On a holiday around Europe I drove 15,000 kms without letting her get behind the wheel once…that's how bad women drivers are.

  4. Phoenix Says:

    excellent post as allways

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