Blogs I’ve just discovered

Vox Popoli was linked on another blog I follow because of his post on Sodini. I scanned the most recent posts and noticed many things I liked, including two in particular.

One, he obviously has a realistic perspective on the fair sex. Check out his posts on feminism – and those are just the ones that specifically use the word “feminism”. He recommends that people read Roissy et al.

Second, his subtitle delighted me:

Starring Vox Day, Libertarian and bête noire of ScienceBlogs

His objection to that site is the same as mine: it’s more about ideology and having a place to spew invective against people who aren’t far-left Democrat atheists than about science. It’s funny, the first time I came across that site, it was because I had read an article about diet that I wanted to check further. Scienceblogs had an item on that article, which basically consisted of, “That author is evil for saying this, but we aren’t going to waste time explaining the science behind why, because if we allow anyone who questions consensus to count as a ‘skeptic’, we’ll be stuck accepting global warming skeptics and alternative medicine advocates as skeptics!” Thanks, guys, that was real helpful. A few weeks later, I came across the site again when I was looking for something, and this time spent some time there, determining that it was a political site, not a science one. Most of the posts there don’t even have anything to do with science. And given their relentless irrational support for overwhelmingly discredited political schemes such as socialized medicine, socialism in general, government education, and feminism, why should I believe that they are more rational or honest in science than they are in politics? It’s not just the feminist bimbo I railed against a couple months back, every contributor I have ever looked at on that site is like that. Vox Popoli has also noticed this.

I don’t recall where I first saw a link to In Mala Fide, but it was within the last week or so. I had him in my bookmarks, intending to link him here, and then last night he commented here! Welcome, fellow traveller! He’s a PUA, an MRA, an MGHOW, a capitalist, and a realist about such things as crime and excessive immigration.

*looks at watch* Damn, I have to go. I don’t have time to properly introduce the next two, but they’re both MRA blogs, so check ’em out:

Occasional assorted reflections on philosophy, theology, politics, feminism and its discontents, and the male experience in contemporary America.

Rebuking Feminism
To create a greater understanding of men and women and our struggle in todays society. Please feel free to contribute and offer your own writings and information in the COMMENTS section and at REBUKEFEM@YAHOO.COM VOTE IN THE SURVEYS I’VE PROVIDED. I DON’T WANT THIS TO BE A ONE WAY CONVERSATION!


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