Mother endangers own children

Mom Accused of Leaving Kids in Car to Hit Bar

A Dallas woman is accused of leaving her three children inside a hot car late Tuesday night while she threw back a few drinks at a popular Lakewood-area bar.

Police arrested Asia Thomas, 23, on suspicion of child endangerment. Police said the bar owner and another patron called police after seeing the children, who are all younger than 4, in the car just before midnight.

Okay, if you give your kid a name like “Asia”, you just know they’re going to turn out bad.

“You think it is unthinkable that a woman would leave her kids in the car this way, go inside and drink until you’re intoxicated, (and) then come out and try to drive the kids away,” Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said.

Remember what I linked last night? Not unthinkable at all.

Russell and another customer watched over the kids until the police arrived.

I wasn’t able to find any information about what eventually happened with these poor kids.


One Response to “Mother endangers own children”

  1. The_Editrix Says:

    "Okay, if you give your kid a name like "Asia", you just know they're going to turn out bad."


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