Oh, brother.

As soon as I heard about the gym shooting, I braced myself for a media frenzy. They love it when someone who isn’t a Muslim commits mass murder. Better yet, he’s white! Hooray! Break out the confetti, white people can be evil too! Also, this means we need gun control! We promise that we won’t send the secret police for people who disagree with our religious and political beliefs once you’re all disarmed, really, we won’t! Sure, banning guns was one of the first things the Nazis did, but we won’t do what they did with a disarmed populace, heh heh heh heh heh.

I’m having a busy week – had to take a relative to the ER (the relative is going to be fine) and some other stuff – so I wasn’t going to post about this. It isn’t really relevant to this blog, IMO. This blog is focused on theory about why feminism has such consistently bad results, and specific incidents that illustrate the theories, such as single mothers murdering their children. (Fathers almost never murder their own children. Stepfathers and “mommy’s boyfriend” do it routinely. Mothers do it less routinely, but way way more often than fathers. This is why children belong with their fathers, the one adult on earth who doesn’t want them dead.)

But Roissy got me a bit interested in the gym shooter. He immediately pounced on the fact that the murderer hadn’t been laid in 20 years, and said that if he had learned game and gotten laid, he probably wouldn’t have felt the need to commit murder. I’m not so sure – Charles Manson didn’t lack for female companionship, and Ted Bundy always had a steady girlfriend – but certainly that kind of loneliness can have a warping effect on the soul. And I would rather people not get their souls warped so that I can take exercise classes without worrying about getting shot.

Then it turned out that the poor sap had actually taken a pick-up seminar. A lame one, by a pick-up guru held in low esteem by serious PUAs, but will that make any difference to the media and the feminists?

None whatever.

“Expect a violent firestorm from the feministing blogs to scream misogynistic bloody murder about the PUA community after this revelation.”

In fact they already are, and naming Roissy in particular here:


I understand that appeals to nebulous ‘misogyny’ are going to always be the default bugbear for militant feminism, but skim over their perspectives:



This is just the groundswell, I expect next week’s View, Oprah and Dr. Phil show’s rosters is already filled with ‘experts’ ready to vilify and ridicule ‘evil’ men.”

I read these, pure gold. I could not stop laughing. They’ll go to any extent to avoid blame. Somehow, this shooting and George’s problems with women are a result of cultural misogyny and patriarchy, not a 20 year celibacy. I wish that F. Roger Devlin was mandatory reading for anyone who wants to post on the internet about men and women.

I read the linked posts. They fling the word “misogynist” around with abandon, which now has me grumpily feeling I should clarify what I mean by misogyny. A misogynist is a person who notices whether or not co-eds are wearing high heels. No, just kidding.

Misogyny is an emotion. Anyone who doesn’t hate women in today’s world has to be comatose, because most women today behave in a thoroughly hateful fashion. Yet most of us will never commit any acts of violence. Heck, I’m constantly denouncing the many ways in which feminists put other women in harm’s way, such as encouraging them to go to places where there is a high probability of their being raped, or putting themselves in situations where a rape could easily happen, or voting for aspiring dictators who want to take our guns, or encouraging the fatherless homes which produce 75% of violent criminals, or permitting co-ed schools, in which girls are guaranteed to be assaulted sexually and physically by boys. Feminists do everything they can to support these sources of violence against women, and react with fury when someone like me mentions how women can minimize their chances of being raped or murdered. (Own a gun, don’t go to bad neighborhoods late at night wearing a miniskirt and get drunk, don’t take off your clothes and get into bed with a man you don’t want to fuck, and don’t set foot on a co-ed elementary school campus unless you’re an adult who is larger than all the males on campus. If that is the case, they’re the ones who should be afraid of you.) I, the misogynist, am the one who’s denouncing things that facilitate or lead to violence against women. Meanwhile, feminists are actively promoting these things. What does this tell you?

So, to the feminist bloggers who think they’ve explained something by invoking the honorable and proud title “misogynist” and applying it to this pathetic loser, think again. Isis the “Scientist” photoshopped a male blogger’s name onto a picture of a coffin, so she’s obviously pretty full of hate herself, but I doubt she’s ever killed any of the literal billions of people who have failed to correctly anticipate what random statement she will decide to interpret as “sexist”. A few days ago I came across another feminist blog which is so icky I’m not even going to link it, but it consisted pretty much entirely of her spewing obscene epithets at Christians, capitalists, and any male commenter who politely disagreed with her. She openly fantasized about all the Christians in the world being put to death, which I would say indicates a bit of hatred, but I don’t believe she’ll ever actually kill anyone.

On the off chance that you feminists want to impress the world with your genuine concern over acts of violence, I suggest that the next time a toddler is murdered by whatever scumbag their mother left their father for, which will probably be by noon tomorrow, you all denounce her roundly. “That whore should never have deprived that poor child of his father!” etc. Feminists won’t do this, of course, because they make no bones about their belief that their orgasms are more important than the lives of their children.

But back to Roissy, I have to say that I’m amused. He routinely gets hundreds of comments on his posts, many of them, naturally, from women who are outraged that he doesn’t see them as the super-deep Special Snowflakes they like to imagine they are. But this time, he’s apparently gotten so many hysterical comments from idiot feminists that he felt the need to tell them off:

To all the femdopes suffering from post traumatic reading incomprehension currently linking to my last few series of posts about George Sodini and menstruating indignantly all over the internet, you should get your logic straight before flapping your gums.

I love Roissy. He always makes me laugh.


3 Responses to “Oh, brother.”

  1. fbardamu Says:

    Here's a nugget from that Feministe link that made me howl:

    "I almost feel bad linking this guy’s blog because he’s so pathetic, but maybe all the page-views will boost his ad sales"

    Roissy has no ads. Can't these idiots be bothered to get the basic facts right?

  2. Female Misogynist Says:


  3. globalman100 Says:

    It is not well known the german kid who shot a bunch of people also shot mostly women.

    We are going to see a lot more men kill a lot more women based on the abuse handed men.

    I am actually expecting to see a lot of those men who were screwed over in divorce and had their kids taken off them start to come out of the woodwork now they are nearing 70 or so. Men NEVER forget such slights. And I am thinking that as they realise they are coming to the end of their lives they might just wield a bit of the justice that was missing from our criminal (because that is what it is) legal system.

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