Mars and Venus

Today I’m exploring some interesting new blogs I’ve found, and two different ones have posts that unintentionally support PUA theory.

The Wrong Stuff

A young man was suicidal because his girlfriend was obviously losing interest in him.

Tears were rolling down his cheeks in a small torrent. I empathised with his situation. I too knew of spurned love and how deeply it hurt. But staring at him I felt nothing but contempt. Here was a man who was in his early 20’s and had to be bought in by his mother because he was not coping, he was crying in a whining sort of way because his girl was leaving him, here was a man who was prepared to sacrifice his dignity for the affections of a woman who lost affection for him. In short, crying before me was a mummy’s boy who had lost out in love.

The good doctor ordered, “Grow some balls!” and told him to stop chasing the girl. It was too late to save the relationship, but he does have a new one.

In another post, this blogger linked to an illustration blog which had a series of posts on James Montgomery Flagg, the artist who did the famous “Uncle Sam wants you!” poster. The blogger really dislikes him. Why? Because he was only interested in beautiful women, and was an inveterate womanizer. “He also believed that beauty, at least in women, diminished as they approached middle age,” the blogger notes with horror. Gracious, what a strange “belief”.

I’m not defending Flagg, by the way. From the sound of it, he was a self-centered jerk; not because he slept around, but he really did treat people badly and said some pretty appalling things about anyone he wasn’t impressed with. (Example: he wished that he could have the FBI round up all the ugly people in the country and nuke them.) What amuses me is this:

Flagg never ran out of of girlfriends to mistreat (will some kind female reader puhleeze write in and explain this?)

Somebody give this man a copy of The Game by Neil Strauss.

Three women did comment speculating that these women liked the challenge and thought they could be the one who would change him.

As a matter of fact, one of them was almost right. He fell in love for real at last, but after a few years, she wanted marriage and commitment and he couldn’t bring himself to give it to her. She married someone else and he carried the torch for her for the rest of his life: “A roll in the bed with honey isn’t love. And the tragic part of it is that you never learn this until you’re past the age for it to happen to you again.”


4 Responses to “Mars and Venus”

  1. Christina Says:

    Many a woman falls in love with a man because she wants to change him for the better.

    If she succeeds, she feels like it makes her irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind, and that incredibly special someone.

    If she doesn't succeed, she turns on herself and wonders what is wrong with her – why didn't he love her enough to change?

  2. The Social Pathologist Says:

    A roll in the bed with honey isn't love. And the tragic part of it is that you never learn this until you're past the age for it to happen to you again

    The reason why the owner of Illustrated art (and I) don't like Flagg is because he is a fundamentally evil man. You see, the problem is that he couldn't love, he was too self-centred. Elsie was only worthwhile as long as she pleased him and on his terms. Ilse would of been dumped as soon as he tired of her as he was too much the narcissist, albeit a talented narcissist.

    Flagg's love was the "love" of a narcissist. This type of love is self-interested only, it is more an infatuation than a commitment to the other person. And that is how the souls in hell are damned. God offers his permanent love like Ilse offered hers; with conditions. He refused. It had to be on his terms on no terms at all.

  3. globalman100 Says:

    In 'The Wrong Stuff' notice how the MOTHER has no idea how to assist her son. Women totally suck at raising boys. That is why, in the US, 70% of incarcerated men were raised without the natural father in the house. Vastly over-represented.

    On the second point. I am now one of those men who 'badly mistreats' women. Yep..I don't bother talking to any woman I don't want to f***. When I do talk to a woman, she knows that my only interest in her is whether she will f*** me. Women on blogs etc call me all sorts of names….I think that's great.. 🙂

  4. globalman100 Says:

    Christina said…
    "why didn't he love her enough to change?"
    Because 'changing' for a woman only brings abuse and dis-respect. I was married for 18 years so I know all about this.

    My ex was the best looked after woman around and she despised me in the end. She would openly talk to my close friends about how she had me 'under her thumb' and could get me to do 'anything she wanted'.

    My friends told me but I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to be with her my whole life. I loved her deeply even while she abused me endlessly. My friends noted that she mistook love, dedication, commitment, devotion for weakness.

    Western women are crap. Totally worthless. No man should change a light bulb for one let alone anything about himself.

    She is not happy that she has not yet managed to get one cent after 22 months of legal cases in 2 countries. In the end, there will be no assets worth dividing up after 23 years together.

    Meanwhile, I have moved on. I make USD300K in a good year. I am dating 'supermodels' and getting 10x more sex than when I was married (which just puts me back to normal). I am 45 and only date in the 30-35 range.

    By the way. Women don't love men. The love what men provide. The man himself is irrelevant. Women don't even know what love is.

    Love is a story invented by men to oppress men into providing for women. Women talking of love is nothing but a lie. Every…single…time….jiggs up.

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