Sorry I’ve been AWOL

But apparently one of my co-workers decided to confirm all my convictions.

Yeah, at my office, a woman was put in charge of a vital department and allowed to work unsupervised. Then a few weeks ago, the boss discovered that, surprise! NO WORK WAS GETTING DONE!

She was fired, the rest of us have been working overtime to catch up on her backlog of undone work and mistakes, and I’ve been too exhausted to blog. Fortunately, we’ve now hired a couple of temps to work through this pile of stuff, so maybe it’ll slack off soon.

Those of you who’ve commented with links and stuff, thank you, I’ll look at them and post them when I have some time and energy, but right now I’m just swamped.


3 Responses to “Sorry I’ve been AWOL”

  1. ntk Says:

    Good to have you back.

    And, if I may ask: what was this useless co-worker doing all this time?

  2. Female Misogynist Says:

    I really have no idea. Maybe she was just talking on the phone or playing computer games. We've been spending inordinate amounts of time just trying to figure out what she actually got done and what she only said she got done – that in addition to doing the work she was supposed to have been doing all summer!

  3. globalman100 Says:

    Women in the workplace…..they are a joke…..I've met about 5 really good working women in the last 27 years…I've lost count of how many men have been good workers….

    I first noticed women were useless in the office in 1982 when I started working. They would preen themselves and do makeup or do their 'university study' rather than the job they were paid for. They would take at LEAST 2 days off per month for 'that time of the month'….

    When I noted to some of my female colleagues that this was 'not fair' I was duely called sexist. So I shut my mouth and competed based on skill, which no woman has ever challenged me on.

    Now, 27 years later, I see no reason to change my opinion formed in those early days. Women are useless at work in the vast majority.

    Oh…by the way..I think it's GREAT women are in the work force. Why? Because it makes it so easy to look good. I can do at LEAST 5x the amount of work that any woman can do. I am constantly picking up contracts to fix the messes that women make.

    I once picked up USD150K on a 9 month contract solely because the woman project manager messed it up. I can be assured of endless 'stuff ups' by women that I can fix at great rates for the rest of my career….hooray for women and their endless stuffups in the work force. I should note I work for myself and would never work in the feminised corporate world again.

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