Catching up

El Chauvinisto gave me a couple of good links:

Women With Boys (Updated)

Since last December, the following women made news. Most are teachers, many are married, more than a few have children, and they all have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with boys. Links are to individual posts with all the prurient and salacious details.

Women With Troubles – March 2008

Over at my wordpress backup, there were a couple of comments waiting to be moderated. To reiterate, I only delete flames and antisemitism. Well, and people who encourage women to put themselves in dangerous situations. I approve comments arguing with me if they at least try to offer some logic. Actually, while hexadecimal’s feminist cronies were trolling me, I rejected a couple of comments I normally would have approved, because I realized that I’d better not encourage those morons at all or they’d never quit bugging me. Most of the comments were comically idiotic, though. One went, “You are so right, women are so inferior! They should all just swoon at the sight of my dick!” Gosh, those feminists are masterful at the use of sarcasm.

So I approved this comment:

“Men in general are smarter than women?” “Women must deal with their natural inferiority?” How do those conclusions follow from the greater variance in women’s IQ scores? It’s a raging non sequitur.

It’s also worth noting that many female intellectual abilities are not measured by IQ tests, such as emotional intelligence and ability to read social situations. The human cerebral cortex (the thinking part of the brain, yes, that’s an over-simplification but it’s close enough for this discussion) evolved to deal with complex social situations: the size of the cortex in mammals correlates positively with the size of social groups in the particular species. In general, women are better at handling social situations than men are, but you will find that ability measured nowhere on any IQ test (or the SAT or GRE, for that matter). I would argue that as a result, women’s intelligence is systematically under-estimated.

Notice that she can’t even keep the most basic facts straight: it is men’s IQ scores that vary more greatly than women’s do.

My reply:

Typical feminist argument: “Women can’t compete, so we’ve got to change the rules!”

Also, I Googled “Female Misogynist”. A few new readers have said that they found my blog from links on feminist blogs, which I assume are attacking me. I’m not interested in reading hysterical feminists menstruating indignantly all over the internet about me, to borrow Roissy’s awesome phrase, but I was curious to get an idea of how many of them have discovered my blog and linked to me, doubtless with much self-righteous posturing.

Well, I discovered that there are thousands of hits for that phrase, and most of the ones on the first couple of pages (which was as far as I looked) do not refer to me. It seems there’s someone called the Female Misogynist on youtube. I didn’t bother to watch any of her vids, so I don’t know what they’re about, but she’s not me.

But I did get one interesting link that referred to me:

‘Female misogynist’ suppresses discussion of Jewish power on her blog

I posted about this guy a few months ago, because he got banned from Stormfront for not being feminist enough, which I thought was pretty funny. He commented on my post with a lot of blather about the Jooz’ conspiracy to control everything bla bla, and I deleted his comment. His was far from the worst antisemitic comment I’ve had to delete, though it was the longest.

The guy seems to think that I am several women, and is hugely indignant that I deleted his comment, which you can read at his post. He asserted again that it is inevitable that feminists will join white nationalism, but then, he also thinks the Holocaust didn’t happen. (Or at least, he claims to think it didn’t. Do these people really believe this shit?)

I thought about fisking his post, but if there is any worse waste of time than reasoning with feminists, it’s got to be reasoning with antisemites. At least feminists have the excuse that there is currently massive propaganda in the schools and media promoting their nonsense; Holocaust deniers are the lunatic fringe. Other people have thoroughly refuted all the Holocaust deniers’ arguments, so I see no reason I should do it over again; if you’re interested in the rebuttals, here’s a starting point.

He finishes: “I’m wondering at this point if “Male Chauvinist Woman” doesn’t have an agenda other than anti-feminism.”

Curses! Foiled again! Someone cleverly saw through my hundreds of posts, my enormous collection of links, my extensive research, and my wide-ranging search for the few male chauvinist books currently in existence. All of my male chauvinism is a smokescreen, intended to conceal my real goal: to help the Jews to take over the world!

Not sure how a blog that rants about the evils of feminism helps the Jooz, but Igor states that it does, so I must be their tool without even realizing it.

I get these comments every few months. They’re not singling me out; unless you are a Jew and say so, if you run a blog or a column, you’re going to get messages from antisemitic whack jobs. And no matter what you oppose, you’ll be assured that Jooz are behind it.


4 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. MikeT Says:

    It's the Jooz. They're building landing strips for feminazi martians!

  2. The Phantom Says:

    "In general, women are better at handling social situations than men are, but you will find that ability measured nowhere on any IQ test (or the SAT or GRE, for that matter)."

    But IQ scores and SAT score correlate very well with things like job type and income. So they explain the wage gap and the lack of women in senior positions and also the lack of women in the lowest paid jobs.

    Feminist dogma (aka 'The Patriarchy') cannot do that.

  3. globalman100 Says:

    All this crap about women being more 'emotionally intelligent' or women being about to handle 'social situation better' or women being 'better communicators' is just that. Crap.

    The REAL studies show women have massively lower IQ and are not even close to the same 'on average' but you won't see those studies in any mainstream media.

    If women were 'better communicators' why did my ex need to talk to her mother for an hour a week for 23 years? Couldn't she 'get the message across' in that time? Calling women better communicators is like calling a hummer 'better at using petrol'.

    Women mess up social situations endlessly, they are called marriages. What could be a more important social situation than a marriage?

    Western feminised women are just rubbish now and I am pleased that I can pretty much ignore them.

  4. globalman100 Says:

    "But IQ scores and SAT score correlate very well with things like job type and income. So they explain the wage gap and the lack of women in senior positions and also the lack of women in the lowest paid jobs."

    Do you have any evidence that IQ has strong correlation to job type or income? I don't. There are a lot of stupid people in high places and smart people in low places. I have experienced that more successful men simply make much more effort, or had a sponsor. IQ has a far smaller impact than effort if you ask me.

    The lack of women in senior positions has much more to do with their inability to get the job done. Look at how companies like HP or Alcatel went once they put a woman in charge. How many fortune 500 companies were founded by women? Precisely 0. Women, in the vast majority, only ever come along once some business is started by men. Most companies fail. But the failure rate of female headed companies is almost 100%. Women acknowledge how terrible they are at running businesses by taking 'benefits' for 'minorities and women' in starting companies. If women were 'equal' as they claim then they would refuse a handout based on their gender as an insult…exactly as I would.

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