Cathartic link dump

Time for some therapeutic male chauvinism, because I’ve encountered much female irrationality today already and am gloomy about the future in a society where these creatures are allowed to meddle in business and government. I don’t see any way to effectively fight feminism; I think it will have to run its course until it has destroyed western civilization completely, then men will have to start over, rebuilding on the rubble.

So, some links. First, another apparent female child-murderer: Woman charged in relation to baby’s death. I wasn’t able to find more recent information on this.

The Top Ten Myths of Divorce

Refutes the usual bullshit used to promote easy divorce.

On to the results of default mother custody and of sluts being allowed to bring their boyfriends into proximity with their children by other fathers:

Fla. mom, boyfriend charged in python strangling

Authorities say the mom of a Florida girl suffocated by a python was charged in the child’s death. Officials say Jaren Ashley Hare and her boyfriend, Charles Jason Darnell, were each charged with manslaughter, third-degree murder and child abuse.

Women’s Boxing Olympic place a victory ‘for justice and equality’

Good grief.

I got bored with Vox Popoli’s blog after about a week, but before that I did go through his archives and find some great posts about feminism and education. Here’s a good one:

FS doesn’t understand that the primary reason a dual income is required is because so many women are working now. This is basic supply and demand. If you double the work force, you halve the price of labor. Two incomes are now needed where one previously sufficed. Now, about thirty percent of women have always worked; the present situation exists because around sixty percent of women now work. Send the 20 million immigrants home and remove the 30 million women from the work force who entered it after 1950 and wage rates will suffice to support single-income families again. We’ll leave the inflation aspect out of this since I don’t think she’s equipped to have that discussion, but every regular VP reader knows why the cost of everything has been going up for the last century. That’s the price of having a central bank to “stabilize” the currency.

I don’t pretend to know what the grand purpose of woman is. But it is a demonstrable fact that when women are given free and full political license, the collective actions of women have reliably had the result of eradicating freedom, destroying economic growth, and demographically murdering the societies in which they live. If you think that’s a reasonable trade-off for three generations of liberated women before everything falls apart and the barbarian patriarchy returns, well, we can certainly agree to disagree.

The Editrix has some excellent posts. She links to this: Mom Gets 99 Years for Cutting Off Son’s Genitals

The cunt was stoned when she did it.

The Editrix remarks: “Do you want to bet how long it will take until they find a “syndrome” that will label her ill, not evil?”

Earlier on the same day that the Editrix made her post, this was published:

Nadal’s case automatically calls to mind that of Otty Sanchez – the mother who mutilated and consumed parts of her newborn son. The father of Otty’s son suggested she be put to death for her crime. The similarities between the two cases are many: Both mothers have a history of drug abuse, both were likely emotionally and psychologically unable to care for their infant sons, both have family members who are quick to demonize them for their actions, yet did not step in and try to get help for these women or their children before it was too late.

The concept of it “taking a village” may seem trite to some, but it is especially true in cases like these where someone is not able to fully control their own thoughts and impulses because of rampant drug use and/or mental illness. The responsibility then falls to their loved ones – or at least their child’s loved ones – to intervene, get them help and, above all, make sure these children are safe.

What Otty and Katherine did was terrible. There’s no doubt about that. But what is most infuriating is that it could have been prevented had someone – anyone – stepped in and said, “You are sick. You can’t care for this child. Let’s get you some help.”

It does not take a “village”. It takes a father.

So, Editrix, the answer to your question is, “About 14 hours ago.”


11 Responses to “Cathartic link dump”

  1. The Phantom Says:

    It does not take a "village". It takes a father.

    And a legal system that will admit that women do not always make the best parents and can be guilty of abuse.

  2. Carl Says:

    One in 10 of the women questioned believed that it always takes a number of years to regain fertility after discontinuation of the pill. Others believed that the pill could protect them against HIV.

    Is this how they're kidding themselves that they can have kids late into their lives? That their older friends are having trouble because they need to wait for the pill to wear off?

    The pill preventing STDs thing I've heard too many times from too many people. Always women though. This is why I don't particularly support sex education; nobody listened in class and the best information was in biology classes anyway. Give the money from sex ed to science classes and you will probably get better informed students and eliminate a class that is often politically hijacked anyway.

  3. RAMZPAUL Says:

    An outstanding blog! You are a talented writer and have some interesting insights. It is a shame you don’t have more comments.

    I will definitely place this blog on my reading rotation.

  4. globalman100 Says:

    FM. Just wondering if you are aware that feminism is nothing more or less than one small part of the plan to introduce the New World Order by the the Illuminati.

    Try if you want to learn more about this.

  5. globalman100 Says:

    "One in 10 of the women questioned believed that it always takes a number of years to regain fertility after discontinuation of the pill."

    Amazing….my wife got pregnant inside 2 months of going off the pill with our second child.

  6. Female Misogynist Says:

    I posted recently about the misinformation that hookers commonly have about birth control and STDs. Looks like they're not the only ones.

  7. globalman100 Says:

    "And a legal system that will admit that women do not always make the best parents and can be guilty of abuse."
    Phantom, men have the right to refuse the jurisdiction of the legal system. Many men are working on this and some early successes have been had. Basically it is possible for men to refuse the jurisdiction of the family court and the fraudulent 'family law' statues.

  8. Female Misogynist Says:

    GM, that may be technically true, but there are people in prison for having followed the letters of such laws. The system finds ways to do what it wants to you.

  9. globalman100 Says:

    Hi FM,
    yes, there are many people in jail who were decieved into accepting the jurisdiction of the court. But that makes it no less a deception. Robert Menards great video 'Bursting the Bubbles of Government Deception' is a great start for understanding this deception. Along with John Harris 'It's all an Illusion'. Both on google video.

    We have all heard 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse'. And this is why these men are in jail. They were ignorant of the law. By the way, all western countries now practice Uniform Commercial Code in their courts. There is no 'law' and there is no justice in any western court. Once a human being is decieved into enjoining with his person he has no rights and the courts can do with him as they please. They can take you out the back and shoot you and you have no right to complain about it because you were ignorant of the law and consented to waive all your rights. The courts decieve you into thinking they are about 'laws'. They are not. They are about statutes and Uniform Commercial Code. Not 'law'. Lawyers, do not practice 'law' they practice 'statutes'. It is all a deception. One men might want to find out about.

    So…men might blame 'the system' for abusing them….but they should look at themselves and realise that they have allowed themselves to be deceived…exactly as I was….by the criminal and fraudulent legal system. Now that I am aware of the deception, I am spreading the world to all and sundry who look like they might be interested.

    Hence, I saw your great blog and thought you might be interested to know how it is that the guvments are being run by the Illuminati, how our courts are corrupt, and how feminism is just a small part of the Illuminatis plan to create chaos in our society so that they can usher in their New World Order.

  10. The_Editrix Says:

    Sorry for the late reaction and thanks for the link!

    What pisses me off most is that "it's the fault of those who didn't keep them from doing it" rhetoric. Women are never held reponsible for their actions.

    This jerk in Germany was replaced by two women, one as Governor and one as party head. And because they've haven't made a total mess of it within a couple of days they are now dubbed "strong women" by the media. The world is so amazed when a woman does her job (even if it is half of the job a man did before her) that she is lauded as if she'd invented a cure against cancer. Pukebags anybody?

  11. globalman100 Says:

    Editrix that's because its so unusual for a woman to be competent at their job that they have to be lauded every step of the way to get more and more women out of the home and into jobs. The agenda is to get as many women as possible out of the home and into the workforce to decrease birth rates.

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