More farcically bad news from Sweden

‘Taxpayers should not have to fund feminist porn’

The idea of feminist porn may be attractive to some but there is no reason for the state to cough up half a million kronor to fund its production, argues Beatrice Fredriksson, a member of the Moderate Party’s youth organisation and author of the Anti-Feminist Initiative blog.

Publicly funded ‘feminist porn’ to premiere (1 Sep 09)
Feminist porn ‘challenges traditional gender roles’ (1 Sep 09)

Thursday September 3rd sees the premiere of Mia Engberg’s ‘Dirty diaries’, a feminist porn movie funded by the Swedish Film Institute. Engberg received 500,000 kronor ($69,000) from the Institute to make the movie.

Engberg has also tried to make feminist porn before, which has resulted in a lesbian porn film and a film of women’s’ facial expressions at the point of orgasm. Her vision is to get make the porn industry more appealing to women, all in the name of feminism. She also claims that women’s sexuality is more multi-faceted than men’s.

Here’s that blog, for those of you who read Swedish: Anti-Feminist Initiative blog.


5 Responses to “More farcically bad news from Sweden”

  1. globalman100 Says:

    Typical feminists….so 'empowered' and so 'equal' they have to get guvment handouts to do anything. They are their own best advertisement for how useless they are in real life. They can't even make porn without a guvment subsidy. How pathetic are feminists at business? Pretty pathetic.

    This is why I won't pay income tax any more….why should I pay to fund feminist porn? I pay enough to buy my own porn..;-) LOL!

    All men are well advised to rescind their consent to pay income tax. There is no real money anyway and there is no law in any former british empire country requiring a human being to pay income tax. It's all a fraud.

  2. Scott Freitas Says:

    Really enjoy your blog. You're the only woman this side of Anne Coulter I've read recently who isn't afraid to both admit and discuss the obvious innate differences between men and women.

    As a man, I'm just sad you choose to engage in lesbian behavior. It's not just ironic, but also self-loathing imo.

    There are plenty of good men whom would deeply value your companionship, your personality, your MIND. You're a treasure imo.

    I have no problems admitting to–and discussing–the negative traits commonly associated with men. Most men don't. It's why no matter how bad things get for us, I don't think there will ever be a "masculinist" movement. Civilized aka patriarchal men as a whole just aren't willing to both degrade and destroy our opposite gender's lives in order to improve our "comfort zone."

    Most women have no problem making men suffer if they feel it improves their lives. In this sense, matriarchy is fixated solely on Self–on women. Whereas patriarchy is focused on the family unit as a whole.

    Anyway, love your blog. Love YOU, in some ways, girl. You're a courageous soul. Y'all need to enlighten me as to how and why someone with such an acute perception of the two genders could willingly choose to abandon that most natual and intimate of relationships: male/female. Doesn't fit in with your writings at all, Miss ???


  3. The Editrix Says:

    "The couple decided in 2005 to poison their children, believing they would be better able to pull themselves out of debt without them, the court heard.

    Steijns, who is not the biological father of the children, told the court his wife persuaded him to carry out the crime when the couple risked losing their flat in nearby Marseille after several months of defaulting on rent."

  4. globalman100 Says:

    Yep…..women kill many more children than men…..and having the natural father in the house makes the house the safest possible enviornment for the woman and the children. THAT is one reason why the Illuminati are breaking up families….to undermine them…to destroy loyalty to family and create loyalty to the state…

  5. globalman100 Says:

    "Most women have no problem making men suffer if they feel it improves their lives."
    Actually Scott a lot of women make men suffer even though it makes their own lives harder. My ex is a good example of that. Though she MAY have thought she would be better off because of her low intelligence as a female.

    Something that most men do not understand is that women have 6.5 times less grey matter. The net result of this is that they actually have the brain capacity of a male about 7-10 years of age. Of course there are variations with 6B people on the planet.

    Basically, once you REALLY understand what is going on women are much more like children than they are like adult men. They do not have the concepts of honesty, honour or integrity just like small boys do not have these concepts. They are also incapable of 'love' as men understand love to be. "There is no greater love than he who lays down his life for his friend".

    I was really upset to find all this out over the last 22 months or so.

    I was very brainwashed into how wonderful women where. Took my ex 15 years to show me just how horrible a woman could be. And all her friends backing her up and all the feminists displaying their wares, and a great deal of research into the physiology and psychology of women before I finally, finally just had to succum to "women are children".

    Now I have lost all desire to ever have one in my house permanently again.

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