Female Bloggers

More on the subject of female bloggers. There don’t seem to be very many female bloggers on any topic that interests me. Most of the female bloggers I’ve seen focus on feminism. When I was in my teens and 20’s I read feminist books by the ton, which is why I feel so bewildered when these dimbos accuse me of being “ignorant” of the glorious revelation that women are equal to men; the fact is, I’ve probably read more feminist works than they have! When I attack feminism, I know my enemy intimately. But my point is, I don’t need to read more feminist propaganda; I have already steeped myself in it, so there’s no reason for me to subscribe to the rants of these harpies while they repeat what Greer and de Beauvoir were saying before they were born. Oh, they come up with new little twists now and then, but it’s still the same basic hooey.

So I’m not going to waste my time on bloggers whose subject is “feminism”. That probably eliminates about 90% of female bloggers. What else do they blog about?

I used to be a more mainstream conservative, and there’s quite a handful of female bloggers in that area. I read a few of them before I became more traditionalist. The mainstream conservative blogs, whether by men or women, are in the category of things I only needed to read for a while. After a couple of years, I understood the theoretical basis and had acquired plenty of facts, so I don’t need to keep reading Michelle Malkin or Mark Steyn every day. But if any of you want to read worthwhile female bloggers, that’s where you’ll find them.

Being irrational creatures, women are more likely than men to be liberals, and I don’t waste much time on reading liberal blogs. Why should I? I can’t read a newspaper, watch a non-classic movie, or even drive past a billboard without hearing their ludicrous ideas; why should I seek out more of them? I do read liberal essays or blogs from time to time, in an attempt to understand the enemy, but the lack of logic and the bald-faced lies are too frustrating to keep at it for long. It’s too depressing to see human beings degrade themselves in that fashion.

I haven’t seen many female science bloggers. The few I have seen rarely talked about science, just raved hysterically about how evil and sexist men are. One, whose blog name I can’t recall, would also occasionally post about chemistry instead of feminism, but if she applies the same kind of logic to chemicals that she does to politics, I don’t want to be in the same county as her when she gets her hands on some beakers.

When the financial crisis started, I looked for economics blogs to better understand what was going on and what I ought to do about it. I don’t recall even seeing any female economics bloggers, not even lame ones that I didn’t consider worth my time.


5 Responses to “Female Bloggers”

  1. Φ Says:

    Among female economics writers, Megan McArdle stands out as excellent.

  2. silly girl Says:

    Just wondering if you might do a post on Caster Semenya. Her story really breaks my heart. It is worse than the usual career ending story because she has to deal with social acceptance when she goes home and even identity issues. I have kids and am old so to me I see her like a daughter. Her story really chokes me up thinking how I would want to console her and shield her from life. Yes, I know life isn't fair, but she is an innocent young person and she thought she was just a gifted athlete and now she has to deal with all of this. Anyway, I know you don't have any more patience with whining than I do, but I don't think that applies here.

  3. Novaseeker Says:

    Megan is pretty good, I agree. Maybe she can talk some sense into Sullivan down the hall.

  4. Φ Says:

    Another blogger you may find appealing is Tammy Bruce. From what I remember, she is the former head of the California chapter of NOW, breaking with the organization over its handling of the Simpson murders.

  5. globalman100 Says:

    "What else do they blog about?" Nothing interesting. Nothing that makes a difference.
    A mate of mine was saying for a year before my divorce "If a woman didn't have a vagina would you talk to her?"
    Now my answer is no. They just do not have anything interesting to say.

    Did you realise there was a play written called Womens Assembly in Greek times, about 300BC, where the play was about women getting into the assembly in disguise and voting women into the assembly. What did they do when they got there? Instituted socialism. It was a comedy apparently. I laughed so hard. Women are communists. They want someone else to do the work and for them to get all the benefits. And we have seen in Russia and China exactly what the 'benefits of feminism' are.

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