Carl linked me to this:

Genes blamed for early first sex

The fact that children raised in homes without a dad have sex earlier is down to their genes, say US researchers.

Suddenly they’re willing to admit genes are a factor in something, so that they don’t have to admit that children need fathers.

The Brook Advisory group mentioned in the article wants to get paid by the taxpayers to talk to children about sex, so of course they don’t want kids to have fathers. With parents teaching their children moral behavior and fathers exercising authority, there wouldn’t be any need for them and they know it.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Scott Freitas Says:

    There's no shortage of fools in this world willing to teach others how to behave equally foolish.

    The fact that so many of said fools draw government paychecks, or receive government grants, is just more proof that in a democracy, people really DO get the government they deserve. :/

  2. silly girl Says:

    The sad thing for these young ladies without fathers to protect them from these scum is that it becomes a trap. Any given individual, however limited, can always do better. These scum don't even challenge them to have some respect for themselves. Sure some wouldn't listen, but some would. This is just throwing these girls to the wolves. They just write them off as victims of genes, disgusting. Feminist scum. It is hard to imagine patronizing patriarchy could be worse than having "the village" raise kids to be callous and promiscuous. A world of heartache awaits these kids.

  3. globalman100 Says:

    Ha, ha, ha…that is so funny.

    Gender is 'socially constructed' but being a slut is in the genes….

    There is no length feminists will not go to to deny responsibility for womens actions.

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