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This tendency to blame and hate women that arises in some segments of the MRA/MGTOW community appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon. I’m not sure why this is. It could be that traditional society carried an implicit recognition that women were fallen creatures too, but was also resigned to the fact that women were going to do what they were going to do, and given the necessity of men leading and women following, thought it more important to discipline men. (Incidentally, this would contradict the Roissysphere’s description of men as keys who will adapt themselves to whatever shape women choose their locks to take, but that is a topic for another entry.) And it could be that in modern society, even MRAs/MGTOWers have unconsciously absorbed the belief in female equality, so they expect women to make decisions on the same basis as men do, and become angry at them when they don’t.


Very true. Expecting women to reach the standards of men is a recipe for misogyny, because they’ll never reach them.

I have read both Roissy and Whiskey make the point that as society becomes more feminized, credentialism becomes more prevalent….
Unfortunately, our society is becoming more and more obsessed with standardized credentials, even as there has been a broad devaluation of the credentials themselves. This means that although it no longer means all that much to have a higher degree (due to affirmative action, grade inflation and other factors), the degrees themselves have become more of a necessity for even entry-level jobs that require few skills beyond typing and filing. This is preventing plenty of talented people – mainly young men – from obtaining positions in organizations in which they could potentially contribute a great deal.


There are those that believe that by maintaining the old codes of chivalry, by sacrificing and accommodating feminists, that by not becoming the very thing the feminists say men are, that somehow men will prevail in the end by virtue of being nice….
It will not work with the feminists. It has been tried for forty years, and men are vilified more, not less. It is time to realize that niceness is the path to destruction for men, it is time to set that aside and become men, uncompromising and unsympathetic to the weakness and emptiness of our society.

Being nice is not a virtue

Here’s a good MRA blog:

Objectify Chicks


10 Responses to “A bunch of links from In Mala Fide”

  1. silly girl Says:

    Check out this WSJ article.

    Basically this bureaucrat chick thinks it is fair for shareholders to pay for improper (illegal) behavior of execs. Check out what the judge tells her.


    "New SEC chief Mary Schapiro figured she'd play off public outrage with a civil lawsuit that would earn some headlines. BofA in August settled for $33 million, neither admitting nor denying guilt.

    Judge Rakoff was having none of it. In a 12-page opinion, he tore into the SEC for ignoring its own guidelines and penalizing shareholders rather than the individuals who supposedly acted improperly. The settlement "does not comport with the most elementary notions of justice and morality, in that it proposes that the shareholders who were the victims of the Bank's alleged misconduct now pay the penalty for that misconduct." As for the SEC's argument that this shareholder punishment will result in better management, the judge called it "absurd." . . ."

    "And all of this is done at the expense, not only of the shareholders, but also of the truth." The parties will go to trial in February."

  2. silly girl Says:

    Okay, I thought this was pretty funny. The guy is a stinker, of course. But hey, if a woman had weaseled her way into men's only poker tourney and beat all the guys, we would never hear the end of it. So in context, it is funny.

    Male player crashes, cashes ladies-only poker tournament
    (September 16, 2009 9:08 AM) –

    by GT Staff |

    For the female poker players in a ladies-only tournament at the Borgata, it was bad enough that a dude named Abraham Korotki crashed their event through a legal loophole. It was worse when he won it.

    Korotki won the tournament earlier this week, along with the $20,892 first place prize, after defeating Nicole Rowe in heads-up competition.


  3. Female Misogynist Says:

    Silly girl, that is so funny. Thanks!

  4. silly girl Says:

    I stopped by feministing to see what the, uh, ladies were discussing and found an interesting discussion on college being either "consumption" or an "investment" based on the field of study.

    Commenter, Alice, made some great points, and surprisingly ladies came out of the woodwork saying how they were in debt, couldn't get jobs and felt duped by people telling them to get degrees that are not investment grade. Now they have to work real jobs that they could have got without a degree and they lost four years and they have a ton of debt.


  5. globalman100 Says:

    Notice how women can have 'womens only' things but this would be sexist for 'men only'…

    And women playing poker..LOL!!

    Women have a separate chess league for a good reason as well.

  6. globalman100 Says:

    "This tendency to blame and hate women that arises in some segments of the MRA/MGTOW community appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon."

    I am yet to see a man say he really hates women. There was even an append on http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com/forums of I hate my wife….and in the end the guy said "well, nope that's too strong".

    Even the most strongly worded of sites like MABTW the men do not say they hate women. They just say they don't like them very much along with plenty of expletives because it's a MANs place.

    The only 'men' who use the word 'hate' are young manginas who are more women than men. It is a result of being raised by women who 'hate' it when it rains.

    Women 'hate' all the time…men just get on with business.

  7. globalman100 Says:

    Try http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com/forums

    There is a forum called 'Annecodotal evidence'. The guys put all the stupid things that 'modern women' do there. It is simply impossible to read that forum for any length of time and retain one ounce of respect for western women. Not one.

  8. Scott Freitas Says:

    It is rather therapeutic to vent about the feminist matriarchy we are all subjected to, here in America and throughout the western world, but being a typical male I keep wanting to try and solve the problem rather than just gain temporary emotional release.

    However, I confess I cannot come up with any real, viable solution. America is a feminist matriarchy today chiefly because corrupt MALE politicians (mostly in the Demoncrat Party) sold us all out to the insane, radical feminist groups, in exchange for their political support.

    This sell-out resulted in all the government schools (publik skewls, if you prefer) being taken over by women, and feminism injected into every aspect of our educational curriculum. The mainstream media then hopped on board, until today–in the year of our Lord whom very few honor–we are left with a society in which children of both sexes are literally brainwashed from birth into swallowing feminist propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

    The only solution–the only way patriarchy could ever re-emerge and become dominant today–is if a voting majority of Americans became true, literal, unabashed born-again Christians, and thus voluntarily consented to behave in accordance with what our Founders refered to as "Natural Law."

    Natural Law is merely a term describing the natural order of things, as designed by our Creator. When people live in harmony with Natural Law, patriarchy automatically becomes the norm because it WORKS. Its precepts are hard-wired into the fabric of the universe. And this is not a bad thing for women, this does not enslave them or degrade them or in any way harm then, but instead just the opposite. It enriches them, allowing them to live the best lives female humans can aspire to.

    I have never seen a woman rebel against the patriarchy whom was not first and foremost a hater of God–regardless of what she might claim. "By their fruits you will know them", and all that.


    Not too hopeful that a majority of Americans will ever become true born-again Christians, thanks to all the brainwashing they get from birth so… guess we'll just have to keep venting to stay sane, huh?


  9. globalman100 Says:

    "felt duped by people telling them to get degrees that are not investment grade."
    Wimmin simply can not take responsibility for anything. They are children and should be treated as such.

    I rarely hear wimmin talk about 'I bought a lemon', they all talk about 'I was sold a lemon'…usually by a 'bad man'.

    Pretty much all the 'sad tales of wimmin over 40 who have no babies who are distraught at this' talk about how they were 'duped' out of having babies. 'My body my baby'….but if I didn't have one it's someone elses fault. I take the default position that any woman living in the west under 50 years of age is useless and worthless…and that makes me right 99%+ of the time. I feel sorry for the other <1% whom I dis-respect for no better reason than they are 'collateral damage'.

  10. globalman100 Says:

    what a depressing post. Let me cheer you up. Women are being used by the Illuminati to bring about the downfall of our society and institute a New World Order. They want to kill 4B people or so..finally they want to get the population down to 500M. That might not 'cheer you up'….but the good bit is that pretty much all feminised women will be killed or enslaved unless men like me prevail. If we prevail women will lose all property, maternity rights prior to binding to any man in 'marriage'. Women will be reduced to lower than chattels IF they are not enslaved or killed.

    The BIG issues is that the silent war that is going on is just that…silent. There are not enough people who know about it and spreading the word that it is going on. Try http://www.rense.com.

    With respect to remedy….you are close. We have remedy in the former british world under common law. Simply claim your rights and rescind your agreement to statutes and go about living your life. All you have to do is live in peace and ignore these horrible women. Do like I do. Date eastern european chicks. Move to germany. The US is totally crap now.

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