Sharing a bed without sex

Some of you may remember hexadecimal declaring that if a woman took off her panties, got into bed with him, and told him, “I’m not going to have sex with you,” he would “respect” that. That’s when I banninated him, because he was telling women they should feel free to do this because only “a piece of shit” would react any other way. Feminists love to endanger women with this kind of advice. I, the misogynist, advise them not to do anything so dangerous and foolhardy, since the odds are excellent that something bad will happen to them if they do so. Putting yourself in a position where your safety and well-being depends on someone else’s ethics is not a good idea when it can be avoided.

I was reminded of that ludicrous statement tonight when I was catching up on Roissy’s blog. First, this is from a few days ago. A reader emailed Roissy with a question:

The other night I had this 18yo on the back of my car, we had made out a few time. She was naked on the back seat with her legs spread open and her back against the window, I was naked and had just put a condom on, and just when I my dick touched her pussy and I was finding her glourious hole she said ‘Not gonna happen’ to which I replied ‘Well, it is happening’.
She then got dressed, said something to the effect of ‘I lost my virginity 2 nights ago (other guy not me) and im not gonna do it in the back of a car’ and I kept my usual aloofness but inside I was confused as hell.

Fortunately for this stupid cocktease, men have now had decades of hearing about women having clearly consensual sex and then charging them with rape the next day, or women leading them on and changing their minds at the last minute, etc. The guy in my example from the women’s magazine article was in the midst of the Sexual Revolution, constantly bombarded by feminist bullshit about how women have just as high a sex drive as men and want to have fun screwing around just like men do, etc., and he was old enough to remember when women didn’t act like that unless they were sluts who wanted to have sex. He had every reason to be confused. Men today know that confusion is the natural state when dealing with modern women and that they just have to put up with irrational, malicious behavior like this. So Roissy’s correspondent knew that the only thing he could do when this chick gave him every reason to think she wanted to have sex and then announced that she didn’t was to zip up and drive her home.

He behaved rightly, but she didn’t. If a man invited a woman to an expensive restaurant and then told her at the end of the evening that she would have to pay for dinner, what would anyone think? If a man got engaged to a woman and then jilted her at the altar – well, heck, you used to be able to sue men who did that. She knew perfectly well that her behavior was leading him to believe he was going to score. The only possible reason she had for behaving this way when she didn’t intend to come across was that she enjoyed messing with the poor guy’s head.

(By the way, the example I gave from that women’s magazine probably wasn’t a cocktease, just a moron. Feminists told her she could undress and get into bed with a man and expect him not to touch her, and she was stupid enough to believe them. The old rules of behavior for unmarried girls were designed to protect pinheaded females like this. Feminists have robbed those dimbos of that safety and thrown them to the wolves.)

Roissy agrees with me about the proper way to treat women who act like this:

A better response would have been to keep your cool, get dressed, and drive her home silently. She would have gotten confused and asked what was up, at which point you would say “I have to get up early.”

Look, dude, you’re dealing with a Class A skank whore. She lost her virginity two nights ago (if she’s telling the truth) to another dude and now she’s in the car fooling around with you. Chicks like this are master manipulators of male egos. They love the validation they get from hard cocks being pushed up in their faces, and then they power trip by denying those cocks sweet release.

Yes. There’s three ways to respond when a woman pulls this crap.

A piece of shit will rape her, and hopefully will go to jail afterwards.

A mangina will grovel, telling her that he “respects” her, go to sleep, and hope that eventually she will have pity and give him some pussy. (She won’t.)

A man (or dyke) with a spine will throw the bitch out.

Then today, Roissy posted about this at greater length, in response to another reader e-mail.

One crucial beta move jumps out — you let a girl sleep in your bed with you without getting any nookie. In other words, she got everything (companionship, sleep, validation, emotional orgasm) and you got nothing except Olympian blue balls.

A few times in my life a girl I had begun dating attempted this “we can sleep together and cuddle as long as you keep your hands to yourself” routine. This magnificent shit test is just about the most selfishly indulgent act of cruelty a woman can foist on a man. If you ever wondered whether women have *any* empathy at all for how a man feels and thinks, the “sleep but no sex” shit test should answer your question: Women don’t have a clue about the male sex drive, and of those that do have a clue they are cunty sadists if they pull this stunt.

I learned my lesson the hard way (quite hard) and ever since have responded in one of two ways:

1.I left if we were at her place, or I kicked her out if she was at my place.
2.I molested her all night long until she either relented and we screwed or she gave up on her idea of sleeping in my bed peacefully without sex.

Amen. My first girlfriend pulled that shit test on me, and I flunked it. Yes, I “respected” her. Hey, I was infatuated and she was gorgeous and a champion manipulator. After that, I knew better. When later gfs tried to pull that on me, I told them to go the hell home.

When I started reading PUA stuff, I found that some of their principles were things I had figured out about women through brutal experience. It’s too bad I didn’t discover PUA before I got fed up with women, but pussy isn’t worth putting up with women. Not anymore.


4 Responses to “Sharing a bed without sex”

  1. Carl Says:

    Don't you enjoy this mental exercise?

    The fact that children raised in homes without a dad have sex earlier is down to their genes, say US researchers.

    But the lack of a father figure obviously isn't the problem and so they spend the rest of the article going through every other excuse.

    Of course, Brook isn't even a real charity.

  2. globalman100 Says:

    "This magnificent shit test is just about the most selfishly indulgent act of cruelty a woman can foist on a man."
    Oh..what rubbish….women like this are only 'warming up…..wives can do FAR worse things to a man.

    I had my wife once, in front of my two kids, tell me "I am going on xyz holiday and there is nothing you can do about it. I can do what I want, when I want, spend any amount of money I want and you have to pay."

    Now…imagine what that does to the children?

    I've had my wife show my 12 year old son sexually explicit DVDs against my express statement that she must not do this and tell me in front of my son "what your father says does not matter. It is only what I tell you that is important".

    I had my wife say to my children in front of me "You father does not love you like I do. After all, he is never home. He is always at work. He loves his work not you. I love you. I stay at home with you."

    Now….how does a case of 'blue balls' compare with child abuse? Because to undermine a childs love and respect for their father is child abuse. Oh..yeah…she used to beat them to the head as well when they were just little…like 3-6 years old.

  3. globalman100 Says:

    "pussy isn't worth putting up with women"

    None feminised women are still lovely.

  4. Female Misogynist Says:

    Globalman, I don't think he's saying that it's the worst, just the most "selfishly indulgent".

    Your wife sounds like the kind of woman who turned me into a misogynist. I watched a few episodes of The West Wing and was shocked at how the First Lady henpecked her husband. I would never have dreamed of treating any of my pre-coming-out boyfriends so disrespectfully, and they weren't the President of the United States.

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